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9 Years

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Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, English

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Tuesday to Friday with Prior appointment

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Chintan Dalal

Master Chintan Dalal brings forward in very simple language the wisdom of ancient esoteric sciences of Ayurvedic, tantra, yoga, Upanishads, Vedas.

Master Chintan Dalal is a Masters of Finance from Sydney, Australia. He is a truly Successful Businessman having multiple ventures. He is a Kriya Yoga & Nada Yoga Master, He is an Expert on the Subjects of Ayurvedic Sound therapy, Marma & Gyan Chikitsa, and Swara Astrology.

His workshops on various Subjects are Truly Holistic and Transformational, everyone who has attended them has benefited immensely in all walks of their life.

His mission in the workshops, through his Sound Healing CD’s and at The Temple of Healing Sounds, is to help people Heal more than 120 different Lifestyle ailments like BP, Diabetes, Spondolysis, Arthritis, Aches & Pains, Insomnia, Hypertension, Fears & Anxiety.

He also conducts several workshops on Spiritual Laws of Money..

He also conducts workshops on 

Success 4 U

Nada Tantra

Sing Bowl Therapy

Relationship Harmony


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5 years




Certified by Universe & MahaAvtar Babaji

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21 Mar 18

Shalini meshram

I know chintan sir for about 2 years. My 1st experience with him in naada workshop was amazing. 1st time i heard anaahat naad n still it is on. In wisdom of love workshop again I got the opportunity to gain knowledge of few kriya yoga. All the kriyas were amazing all negativity n toxins released , now I feel very light. Thank you very much chintan sir . For this lovely workshop

21 Mar 18

Pratibha Patil

Fantastic workshop.... never knew  the true meaning of love .... learnt how to love the self by taking out all the layers of misconceptions and ignorance pertaining to the idea of love.... and wisdom that I reced from the workshop is priceless 

17 Mar 18


The Wisdom of Love with Chintan was an awesome experience. Lots of new Kriyas taught online which brought about so much awareness and insight, I look forward to doing many more of his workshops in the future. Thank you Chintan????

17 Mar 18

Pravin waghela

Chintan sir is like swamivivekanada my ideal

17 Mar 18

Dr Radha Raghavan

Chintan is a no nonsense guru cum master .I am doing a course on whatsapp called wisdom of love.He has taught and is teaching us so many aspects of our own self which we ourselves donot know.From making concepts to be precise to the point to dispelling all false knowledge he has done it all.To find such a sincere guru in today's world is very very difficult.I would gpadly recommend him to anyone who wants to know his/her true self and is willing to undergo the necessary procesd.Thank you chintan and mystic lotus


17 Mar 18

Hansa Nandu

I visited Mr Chintan Dalal .Went to his  place. It indeed was a marvelous and a fruitful  talk .His sound therapy was too good and his studio for the same is something which positivily energizes the one visiting  ... He is also the person with whom we can talk comfortably and his guidance is superb and useful in climbing the ladder of spirituality....His method for astrological reading is also different from others.
In short liked each bit of my meeting with him.  
Thanks to Mystic  Lotus for it.????????????????????????

28 Nov 16

Amrish Arjun

Of the 3 most used senses (sight, sound and touch), sound is the least appealing to me since i am not very easily influenced by it. That said - I felt a sense of happiness and was smiling after attending the first sound therapy session held by Chintan at the Mystic Lotus August Healing Festival. The session uplifted my spirits and i felt energised and refreshed. Chintan went on to explain how sound therapy works. His knowledge on the subject is superb.

Post that session, i decided to subscribe for a personalised sound recording for myself. Its been over a month since I got it from Chintan and I play it for hours every day. The music helps me calm down, focus better and has increased the overall well-being. My physical, mental, emotional and financial situation is getting better and better.

Besides a skilled sound therapist, Chintan is a a wonderful human being. He is knowledgeable, intuitive, smart, positive and a great person to talk to.

25 Oct 16


was apprehensive to try sound therapy... am happy to say an interaction with Chintan at our recently concluded telesummit changed that for me. Am enjoying listening to the healing of sound made personally for me. Thank you Chintan!

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