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Zeenat Lakdwalla

When I stopped fighting, I received the heavens – Zeenat Lakdawalla

My name is Zeenat Lakdawalla, and I stand tall to the meaning of my name i.e. in Persian language - the light from Norway, a beauty and blessings be stated always.

I am a Spiritual Artist, a Lightworker, the World’s first Light Language Scared Geometry Crystal grid maker with claircognizance capabilities that has helped me in tapping into and developing my channelling side.

My journey began in 2010 with the world of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Crystals etc. and have since then been learning and exploring modalities and mediums to accelerate my seeking. Being fascinated by the concepts and principals of Sacred Geometry and learnt to make them in 2015 and began pendulum dowsing and channeling for clients.

In 2016, I was guided to channel the language of light for myself initially and then for others. When I started downloading the language it seemed gibberish but as it progressed it started taking shape and my role was to be in the submission and in allowance of the same. When I quit the corporate world and decided to launch something of my own I was guided to use light language with my learning of scared geometry/mandalas and crystal in form of grids and to do light language transmission inorder to help people to heal, explore and expand themselves. It gives me tremendous joy to curve out these grids as well as do the language transmission as I am doing all that is required by your higher self and my physical body is just a vessel a conduit.

I am also a Scrying Healer. This is a Divination Tool used for various purposes right from getting answers to healing self from various blocks, breaking of patterns, bringing in the state of balance, releasing of cords, transmute and neutralise traumas, e deep clearing of relationship with self and with spouse/family etc. The process works on the principal of Electromagnetic Waves wherein commands transfer to the receiver by different pendulums as per the session requirement on the conscious and subconscious mind. It is a process used to bring out negative non-beneficial thought forms or experiences to and bring in positivity and harmony.

While working with clients I use different modalities that I am guided to help and assist in their healing.

I am a certified practitioner for

•      Tibetan bowls

•      Pendulum Dowsing with Angels

•      Angel and Tarot card reading

•      Yoga and Tantra mudra level one and two

•      Crystal Therapy

•      Munay Ki teacher - 13 Rites

•      Reiki level one and two

•      Hypnotherapy level one and two from California Hypnosis Institute of India

•      Completed The Diana Cooper School foundation course for Angel and Ascension (Atlantis)

For my personal well-being I practice Vipassana, Art of Living, Yoga and walk. I further enjoy penning down my thoughts through blogging.

The journey for me has just begun and I am enjoying the ride. 

God Bless and much love and light to all.

Zeenat Lakdawalla


I have been learning modalities and I continue to do so inorder to enhance my support me in my and others journey.

I am a certified practitioner for-

Scrying for healing

Tibetan bowls

Pendulum Dowsing with Angels

Angel and Tarot card reading

Yoga and Tantra mudra level one and two

Crystal Therapy

Munay Ki teacher - 13 Rites

Reiki level one and two

Hypnotherapy level one and two from California Hypnosis Institute of India

Completed The Diana Cooper School foundation course for Angel and Ascension (Atlantis)

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15 Dec 19

Prutha Soman

I have used Zeenat's Light Language Grid for myself and also gifted it to friends and family. I have developed a wonderful connection with my grid and it helps me stay on my path. 

25 Mar 18


I absolutely loved the energy transmission I have received from Zeenat. I must have said, "Today is such a beautiful day" many times throughout the day. I feel a lot lighter, and my world feels different. I feel supported in deep ways and I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you, Zeenat!

22 Mar 18

Pooja Bhimra

I’ve  known Zeenat for almost 4-5 years now and my memory of her has always been this giggling fun loving soul with a generous heart. Have seen her through her journey with Mystic lotus and by Grace she’s doing what she was truly meant to. I was intrigued by her grids at Mystic lotus festival in 2017, and finally got a chance to receive her Scrying sessions that too three of them. I would say the experience is non verbal as what I went through made me feel very unlike myself! It’s not how I be in daily life various symptoms which I was told was how the session had impacted , that too a distance one. She’s gifted with the transmissions she does as they’re life changing and the magic is unfolding for me everyday. God bless you dearest Zeenat for everything that you do ! Thank you so much again ♥? 

10 Feb 18

Sunil Kotian

Zeenat has a pure heart who has always been open to help when needed. She has a innate capacity of bringing ease to the mind and her unique approach while probing will open new doors leading you towards the answers you're ready to receive. I have been blessed to have the grid (Abundance & Unconditional Love) she created and since it’s presence there is a definite change in the energy around/within me and in the way things have move. I have also attended her light transmissions sessions where I’ve felt a powerful and pure surge of energy pouring through every time. 

Thank you for everything you've guided me through! Stay blessed :)

12 Jan 18


Thank you for the beautiful energy work, since last three days I have been receiving or saving money in some form and I truly feel it's because of the lovely transmissions you sent, on Tuesday, some 2k refund was announced due to drop in a electronic price we had pre-ordered
Next day, we were due to make some payment of 10k for operation of my closed one, which somehow we don't have to pay now, because it has been taken care of by other means, yesterday I will be receiving some extra pocket money
Many many thanks for this, may God bless you abundantly????????

12 Jan 18


Dear Zeenat

And what an awesome session it was for 2days that was so magical to be honest...i was hving tremendous low energy n heavy bodiness n after your session it was all disappeared and felt great energy and fresh...it was an awesome experience..Thankyou so much. ..

11 Jan 18


Amazing healer. Felt blessed to be a part of her healings. A very selfless healer also very caring as a person! Gratitude for taking is through this journey of amazing experiences...Stay blessed!

10 Jan 18


Todays session was magical and vibrant with lots of variation for me personally. Gratitude for these sessions

09 Jan 18


Underwent series of beautiful and cannot be expressed in form or words  experience during your sessions. God bless you and stay blessed

09 Jan 18

Prerana Kotak

Thank you Zeenat Mam


Feeling full of light after your session. Deeply connected with Mother Earth and Father. It's makes me feel protected

Much love

09 Jan 18


It was. a wonderful experience to receive light transmission.I suddenly felt strong and good and actually felt energy flowing through my nerves.I now believe angels and miracles thanks to Zeenat.Staying in hope for better times ahead.Thanks once again

08 Jan 18

Sonal Shah

I received light language transmission for grounding and Love, Peace and Harmony msg n transmission from Zeenatji. Dying the transmission process I felt tingling in the fingertips, which she said was the release of few things that was no longer needed. Thank you Zeenatji, thank you very much. 

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