Zennobiia Navil edulkaka



Contact Person

Zarin Tavadia



Lenormand deck workshop, From: 2019-07-27 To: 28th Frequency: Both days , 10am to 5pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi

Oracle Card Reading


Cost : INR 15400

A 2 day workshop wherein you will learn to read the cards in pairs and triplets ..slowly moving onto more complex spreads .. finally building up into the grand tableau ,a spread using all 36 cards ..



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Greenfield estate / opp juhu post office

Who should attend

Anyone looking to venture into Oracle card reading and looking for an easy start up

Event Benefits

You can use the cards as guidance for self and for others as well. 

Pre-requisites to attending

None at all.. 

Terms and Conditions

Coming in with a learner's heart and an open mind ..


Day 1 

Card vocabulary ..

Reading in pairs and triplets .

Day 2 ...

Building skills at reading ..

Grand tableau unveiled 

About the Organiser

Numerology  could be termed a spiritual science ,or an occult science ,as it were, and has been around since the times of the Greek mathematician,Pythagoras. He was no ordinary man, much like

Material to be brought by attendees

None at all..

Event Website: www.zenithnumero.com