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Humkara With Haleem - Unexplored Secrets Workshop, From: 2021-05-16 To: 2021-05-16 Frequency: 1 Day in person, 8.00 am to 2:00 pm,

English, Hindi

Humkara With Haleem


Cost : INR 8,500


Online Workshop + in-person attunement

Advance & Powerful Healing With Goddess Energies

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The real start:
If you feel you are not living up to the societal need of right time and right place.... Read on

Now you can Power up your life with swift manifestations, abundance and more synchronicity with your higherself to walk your life's path.

You can Awaken the Goddess Energies, Heal your issues and Transform your life with The Real Humkara with Haleem Workshop

Through this workshop, the liberating power of Mahakali and mystical gifts of Ma Baglamukhi are brought forth to heal and nurture your life. With this powerful healing system, you can bring in transformation in every aspect of your life be it work, relationships or health. 

This profound energy empowers you to beome an effective healer and unearth the hidden potential while aiding a release of life time's of karmic patterns.

“Humkara with Haleem” is a simple, easy, quick & very powerful healing technique. In this system, Prana energy is projected and directed in a systematic and balanced way, so that it implants the energy in the five sheaths of the body. This helps to reprogram the energy body and aura.

This workshop invites you into the realm of the divine feminine and shows you how to use Goddesses energies for Healing Awakening and Transformation.

Get in touch with a divine feminine support and healing system comprising 2 archetypes - including Goddess Mahakali, and Goddess Baglamukhi

In this highly engaging and effective workshop, Siddhii Shaah takes you on a journey to healing solutions that help you:
Understand the many ups and downs, emotions and cycles of your life through the "Power of the Goddess'"

Discover how the Goddesses can ignite your spiritual growth and uncover your feminine healing gifts. Use this system and strike a right Shiva Shakti balance in your life.

Benefits of HUmkara with Haleem:

Activation of the BRAHMA NADI that opens the higher channel of the subtle body.

Releasing blockages from Vishuddhi Chakra that gives wisdom to access different dimensions and gives power of intuition for financial abundance.

Boosts mental capacity of people of different age groups (5-80 years).It accelerates the rate at which an individual executes any work related to mental, emotional & spiritual areas.

It is useful for Judicials, School Going Children, Officials, IT, Researchers, BPO Sector, IPS, IAS, Management and Marketing personnel to enhance productivity.

Expected Results :
1. It increases the rate at which individual’s concentrate, with an increases retentive memory that are prerequisite for excellence.
2. It increases the speed at which people can finish a task.
3. It bestows the practitioner and the receiver with farsightedness, which is prerequisite for stable and consistent abundance in business and all areas of life. By seeing the future trends, you always have an opportunity for course correction.
4. Students excel more in interviews and examinations due to a boosted communication skill as well as improved memory inhibition.
5. It makes your communication fearless, relieves stage fear and fear of communication with higher authorities and masses.
6. By the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi & Kaali, the practitioner of this modality becomes influenctial in their communication and persuasion, at work and in their finances as well..
7. Overall increase in effectiveness in your personality - mental, spiritual, emotional and verbal.
8. The Haleem symbols is the most powerful to cut deep rooted cords instantly.

In as little as 5 hours workshop, anyone can learn the secrets of using this effectively.

Your life will never be the same again. Once you've dived into this energy. 

Learn how to work with each Goddess for self-healing, positive inner change, and empowerment. 

Sharing secret meanings, beautiful guided practices, and moving personal experiences, Siddhii leads you into safe territories where your darkest fears can be healed, your deepest dreams awakened, and your entire life transformed.

With this healing system, you're invited to explore this profound knowledge and learn how it can be applied to daily struggles and triumphs, and how it can help you find unreserved self-love and acceptance.

This healing system is to return the core elements of the powerful Shiva - Shakti vibration to the spotlight, unconditional love, connection to the cosmos, intuitive wisdom and receptivity.

Take this up now and don't let another week pass by to uncover your hidden potential.



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