Siddhii Shaah


Money Healing sessions + Donations, From: 2021-05-24 To: 2021-05-30 Frequency: Every day, 7 days, 7.00 pm to 7.30 pm,




Cost : INR 1500


Money Healings with Animal Welfare are here for you yet again

After a series of many successful group money Healing sessions, Yana's Healing Studio is back with one more Group Money Healing Sessions.

Join in to know more:

I combine healings of many different powerful modalities to perform these sessions such as Dragon healings, Ashta Lakshmi Reiki, money reiki and Humkara with haleem. 

It will be 7 days live money Healing sessions and the replays will be available for 2 days for you to receive healings.

<30% of the money will be used for animal welfare>



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Siddhii Shaah is a highly intuitive healer who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. Siddhii was introduced to the field of energy healing at a very young age. Today,

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