Oracle Cards Reading Master Workshop, From: 2021-05-24 To: 2021-05-28, 7.30 pm to 9.30 PM,


Oracle Card Reading


Cost : INR 15000

The Oracle behind reading Oracle cards is here for you

Join in to know more:

Reading Oracle cards is totally different from reading tarot and other forms of reading methods. The first step to becoming a good reader is becoming a good channel. And that’s what we address when you learn it with Siddhii.

Oracle Cards Reading Workshop with Siddhii Shaah

Power-packed 20 Hours Workshop

> Connection & Communication with Anhels, Dragons, dieties or other celestial beings

> Angels Invocations + Prayers

> Energy work & Cord cutting with Angels

> Meditations & building a connection

> Understanding & Working with Archangels

> Angel Numbers

> Angel Oracle Cards Readings

> Understanding and connecting with different decks

>Making your guided & Personal Oracle Messages Jar

> Cards Spreads and understanding of Positions

> Angel Crystals

> Practice sessions


What's More?!
* You will get support for your Oracle card Readings*

> The One week Offer for group: Get all this at a fee of Rs. 12,000/-????

After one week, the cost of the course will go back to original price of ?15,000



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Be a certified Oracle Card Reader & Healer

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About the Organiser

Siddhii Shaah is a gifted Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. Siddhii was introduced to the field of energy healing at a very y

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