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19 Years

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Bhumika Chandiramani (42 Years)

I practice a combination of angel therapy and tarot combined

Previous Experience

18years of experience in Tarot Card Reading...


Derrick Angels, Astro


For all the practices i have certificates

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13 May 18

Suhasna Mehta


Bhumika is the very patient listener.  I went to Bhumika with my lots of issues I was in a very confused state of mind when I went to her. Since I was actually unable to understand from where to start my issues. But she made me feel so comfortable with and peaceful with my issues that one by one not only I could open up my issues but solutions along with that was also popping up in my life... I and my husband we both have visited to her couple of times and got the many modalities done from her like Tarot Card reading, fairies, Angel readings, Numerology, Past life regression and also I wanted to share for Past life regression I will only suggest u to go to Bhumika only as she is really expert in her work and I could immediately can see the change in my life after few sessions of past life regression and even my husband got his karma clearing done from her in just one session he could see the drastic change in his life and his business both started progressing even my relationship with my husband and my business is also improved very well.... 
For us Bhumika is the angel and she is the blessing to us... 
Bhumika really u r the blessing to the world u r the true Ange. 
Thanku Thanku thaNku

Susana Mehta

10 Apr 18

Sangita shah

Thank you n gratitude for your lovely energy

God bless you


10 Apr 18

Sangita shah

Thank you n gratitude for your lovely energy

God bless you


09 Apr 18


Thank you  So much for wonderful healing made me feel good , no wonder the sweetness of your bring is reflected on you just as light..Thank you again

07 Apr 18

Sunita Agarwal

Thank you Bhumika. Stay blessed for your time and energy. Love and blessings.
God Bless U ????????????????????????????????

06 Apr 18

Rabia Jafar

It's been a very pleasurable learning experience ever since I joined her WA group... I wish her all tge very best in all ways, always

06 Apr 18

Mala Nair

The spells taught were easy to do. The results will depend on individual energy. However the overall feeling as she guides you is one of total belief and positivity. Thank you Bhumika 

06 Apr 18

Sonal Shah

Thank you so much for all the amazing n simple spells that you taught. You made it  easy, no complications. Grateful for the group healing. 

06 Apr 18


Thank you so much for teaching us amazing spells for our important issues


05 Apr 18

Vinita Sharma

Thanks a lot for the lovely rituals . I enjoyed doing . You explained very well . All the best to you and look forward to some more of your great work . 

05 Apr 18

Veena Ramnani

I have learnt many courses from BHUMIKA mam... I would really advice everyone to once learn from BHUMIKA mam u will really feel contented and she has so much of content knowledge and patiently she helps to clear doubts and very helpful to post workshop also... 

05 Apr 18

Anil Manke

Thank you madam for everything you gave and specially for the much needed healing not only to me but, to all those who asked for. My deepest gratitude ???? 

05 Apr 18

Falguni shah

Thank u so much for your healing spells dear.. was v informative.

Thank u for your help n guidance dear.. 

02 Apr 18

Bhumika Chandiramani

I went to Bhumika mam for healing session of my problem just a month back for entity healings which was giving me lots of problems in my health, career personal life and many a times I use to feel depressed with all these problems... But when I got my healings done from her now ally areas are changing to very positive. My career is improved my personal life is become good and other areas are also going on very well...

07 Dec 17


Thank you so much for the wonderful knowledge shared. We got introduced to three new energies. The channelled reading shared was very appropriate for me.

Wishing you lot of success



07 Dec 17


Thank you for the Merlin healing and the channeled message.

I felt so much better after the healing.

07 Dec 17

Vandana Bhatia

Thank you for giving us three days of healing and meditation. I'm sure we all benefited in some way or the other. 

I feel for full healing effect one would need more one on one time with you. Thank you for your efforts

07 Dec 17

Sanjay Menon

Dear Bhumika, 

Thanks a ton for ur time,  effort, healing and knowledge. 

I am sure that all of us in the group have been benefited by all that u have shared. 

 Love, sanjay

06 Dec 17

Kavita Asrani

It was so wonderful experience with BHUMIKA Chandiramani... 

The way she conducted her these three days workshop was just awesome. Amazing I just wish to attend all her Workshops whenever she takes. 

Love you BHUMIKA and Angels 

06 Dec 17

Sunita d dewan

realised after ages the power of prayers and chanting . Feeling positive to take on new challenges but now being a winner



06 Dec 17


Bhoomika is one person who is really very polite and understanding person. Her way of teaching is very easy and strait forward. Any one joining her class is going to enjoy learning with her. 

06 Dec 17


You are a blessed soul! The Magic of 3 in 1 worshop was really very well conducted...!

I always wanted to know about St.Expedite..

Lots of gratitude for all knowledge shared..

06 Dec 17

Neelam Parvatikar

All the three days were magical for . Great workshop , beautifully explained . Thank you for your guidance and kindness . God bless u.

06 Dec 17


Really very informative...

Very patient and nicely conducted

thank you

05 Dec 17

Dilip chavan

Thankyou very much for the wonderful session of Merlin and Goddess Laxmi/ Fortuna and sigil meditation. Though i was not able to do full meditation the experience was fantastic.

Thankyou once again for the beautiful session.



05 Dec 17

Prerana Kotak

Thank you for amazing session on Fortuna Goddess and Merlin Magician. All the audio files and write up were easy to understand. Thank you for taking efforts in creating and sharing something that is so precious. More power to all the healers Gratitude to you and ML for making our lives so magical. Blessed Be

05 Dec 17

Kruti shah

I did chakra meditation by BHUMIKA ji . It was beyond expectations and very powerful meditation .Her voice is so serene . I felt spiral energies in my palm and abdomen or navel area in the start of the meditation slowly as proceeded upwards to each chakra could sense the chakras  vibrating m spining . Throat chakra vibrated intensely and wen reached to Agna chakra saw white light and then when energy reached crown chakra my head was shaking and felt an opening happening . Was a wonderful experience . Must try . Thank you .

05 Dec 17

Sanjay Menon

Bhumika comes across as a sweet,  gentle person.  Her inputs are helpful and l she oves to share her knowledge for the benefit of others. 

Thank u dear Bhumika

05 Dec 17


What an amazing guided Chakra  meditation !! 


07 Nov 17

Saloni Malkani

Saw her readings on the whatsapp group, and am amazed at what she had to say about everyone and me. It's truly the angels passing the messages. 

08 May 17

Ratan Thawani

Really an ANGLE who understands not only the person. but the inner feelings in depth and SOLVES the same in SECONDS.  I should say that 

it is my REBIRTH due to her SOLUTIONS.

05 Jan 17

Bhumika Chandiramani

Bhumika works day and night for us to give the solution. I m sure even if i want to call her at night also she will surely give a truly. Cos even in day time anytime I call her she is always available to help me always.

05 Jan 17

Kanchan sharad

Bhumika works day and night for us to give the solution. I m sure even if i want to call her at night also she will surely give a truly. Cos even in day time anytime I call her she is always available to help me always.

05 Jan 17


In 5 day's of gp chakra dowsing I felt marked difference in my confidence levels...many emotions came out and were cleaned. Heartfelt thanku for selflessly cleaning our chakras. Such a genuine and gentle healer you are. Thank u so much. 

04 Jan 17

Manish mahajan

Thanks a lot ma'am for helping me to bring me out of so much of pain thru your healings.your hands have really magic. Today after your healings I am completely relieved. I also want to come to you for readings also to u. Thank u

04 Jan 17

Priya Ahuja

Dear Bhumika, With full proud I can say that good I came to you for the readings and very happy to see change in my life. I came to u with lots of concussions 3 months back but today m free from all my problems I don't even have any concussions thank u for crystals and your solutions worked wonders for me. Regards Priya

04 Jan 17

Radha raghavan

Bhumika is a gentle soul providing chakra healing in a simple ,easy to understand regards to her and to mystic lotus for the healings.



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