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Honey Haresh Vachhani

Mrs Honey Vachhani  is a Heart and mind Business trainer, Heal your life Workshop Leader and a Life coach, (Certified and Licensed by Heart inspired ,LLC, USA), Ho'oponopono and law of Attraction practitioner, certified by Joe Vitale ,USA
She has been  successfully  applying these principles in her life thus helping her friends and family. Her objective is to facilitate people to live an empowered and enriched life by developing awareness about the connection between one's thoughts, feelings and emotions. She has conducted various workshops/seminars which have benefitted the masses to discover their individuality, achieve their personal and professional goals, create a shift in their thought process, giving them perspective and establishing connection with inner self.
She also believes in exploring human potential to the fullest by assessing the abilities of an individual with the help of scientifically proven method of D.M.I.T  and then guiding each individual to use his /her abilities in the right direction. This test is for 
anyone and everyone who is looking for personal growth.
She also believes in expanding her consciousness through various mediums. 
She is strongly connected with ONENESS UNIVERSITY, INDIA which helps her in her Spiritual growth. http://www.onenessuniversity.org/
She is working as a High a school teacher  since last 19 years. 
She is also the founder of Being Harmony - a harmonious way of living 
Her journey towards spirituality began at a very young age .  Questions like what is the purpose of  life ?Why do we  die?What is God and if He is there why is He so partial ?etc  used to bother  her and then  these led her to search the answers .
Her bond with her daughter and her ease of connection with children at school has led her help bring spirituality in children through parents . 


Previous Experience

Teaching in high school since 1999

Conducting workshops ,seminars and life coaching since 2014



Internationally certified and licensed by Heart Inspired presentations, USA, LLC for conducting ;

 Heal your life workshops and seminars and life coaching based on philosophy of Louise Hay 

(https://www.healyourlifeworkshops.com/teacher/honey-vachhani )



Certified Ho'oponopono practioner by Global Sciences foundation 

Certified Law of Attraction practioner by Global Sciences foundation 

Reviews & Testimonials

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18 Nov 18

Reema k.Jagasia

Thank you Honey for gifting me with peace.. God bless you always .

18 Nov 18

Divya Shivnani

Thank you Honeyji.....My day starts and ends with reading and writing affirmations....It has helped me in many ways.....A loving gratitude.....????????????

18 Nov 18

Sapna Parikh

Very nice thoughts. Everyday it's a new day with new thought. And getting to know how to stay happy and satisfied by reading positive thoughts which in return I forward these thoughts to my friends and due to which they have really started changing their life.

17 Nov 18


Very nice n interactive session ..well explained..

12 Nov 18

Pooja Manghnani

Every time, and I mean every time, I have a session with Honey a powerful space is created that flows into my day, week, month…the space is a place of high energy and high consciousness that I can feel with my heart and in my interaction with my world. I have recommended Honey to several of my friends and they felt this shift as well. I highly recommend this unique and wonderful experience. I have tried a lot of different healers and healing.She is the only one who actually worked for me. My anxiety has been heavily reduced. She is nice, down to earth and cares about her clients. She is worth every penny.



07 Sep 18

Sonal Yadav

I am grateful for her for teaching me art of thinking. She is really blessed soul.I could change my old way of thinking by her affirmations. I live all the time in feeling of gratitude n count my blessings everyday after joining her group of gratitude. She is guiding lots of parents for spirituality in the child. She is spreading harmony, love n peace in the world by guiding people for right self talk n how to love themselves. I am feeling blessed. I am able to look within n write qualities of myself which God has given me, after watching her video on YouTube. Thank you ,Thank you n lots of lovey Honeyji.


07 Sep 18

Sonal Yadav

I am grateful to Honey Didi for teaching me art of thinking.she is really blessed soul.she is love n peace spreading soul.i could change my old way of thinking by her affirmation.i am connected with my inner self after watching her video. I started look within  and write down qualities God has given me to differentiate from others. I live in gratitude feeling all the time after joining her group of gratitude and everyday count my blessings .I am feeling blessed.she is spreading harmony, peace n love in the world by guiding people to do right self talk n how to love themselves.She is also guiding lots of parents for  spirituality in child.Thank you,Thank you n lots of love.. Honey Didi.

06 Sep 18


She is a great mentor for me. If v adapt Her way of thinking, life will seem so simple and joyful .She is full of positivity. In this complicated world where we get surrounded by darkness  her teachings and thoughts if followed can make life worth living .

She is very special and a messenger of god trying to make this world a better place to live 

06 Sep 18


She has bought a lot of positivity in my daily life, my way of thinking and looking towards things has completely changed. She has helped me to be a better person. My life is completely healed. She brings happiness and peace in my mind. Her words are magic. 

06 Sep 18


One of the finest life coaches I have known and seen. I really appreciate her for being so soooo patient with us. She is a beautiful person with a even beautiful soul. Her presence makes me feel so comfortable that one can easily open up and learn. Thank you so much Honey for the wonderful wonderful things you have taught me. Let's spread more & more :)

06 Sep 18

Hetal Thakkar

She is the best healer I have ever seen in my life. Ur Every words r so inspiring n encouraging. A soul can feel the change in there life. I can see the beauty within u and can feel that deep positive impact within u

U r the best Love u stay blessed 

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