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A spiritually awake woman having walked a long way in life to reach a place of self realisation that apart from being a passionate Jewelry Design Consultant, I am sent here in this life to work with people and share my learning, experience and message about how it is very simple to lead a life free of stress and misery despite any external situation. Yes... that’s right! It is possible and not only possible but also very simple! There is no rocket science to it! It’s all only about a little self work that we need to do with ourselves! I do it for my self and speak with my experiences! My aim is not to give you a session of any technique so that you depend on me forever. Rather, I am here to share the simple realities that help you in your self discovery which in turn equip you to make choices in life that are right, good and best for you! I believe in an integral world where everything is a complement to the other. I have no judgement for right and wrong, good and bad etc. Like they say, one man’s poison can be another man’s food! Similarly, what could be a good choice for you may not be good for another in the same situation. Hence, it’s best to start with yourself and discover who you are which gives you deeper insight to your life and situations, thus empowering and equipping you to make suitable choices and in turn avoid the unnecessary stress and misery! 

Freedom from Misery is my thing!

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01 Oct 18


My experience with Adima is slightly older, about one year older. Fortunately we met and I shared my situation as well as my grief, which I was going through at that moment. She is one of the best listners I have met in my life. We discussed each and everything about my condition as well as the factors causing that grief and misery.

She not only discussed what I feel but then she was successful to guide me towards dark areas of my mind which I was not able to visit before and, in no time, I came out a much better and mature person with clear insight of myself. 

I would say it was a discussion and not a teaching session or a lecture because I never felt I have to listen anything that I don't want to and the flip side of it, I spoke everything comfortably and effectively because of the warmth of her openness and compassion.