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English, Hindi, Marathi

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 My name is Poonnaam S Iyer and its been almost more than 07 years I am practicing Tarot Reading  with different modalities of Holistic Healing methods. 

Through the assistance of Psychic Healing, you can shift through and sort out any issues that you are facing and  get back enjoying the beauty of life and which the universe is having in abundance. 

As a Healer, ,I’m fascinated by the complexity of individual cause-and-effect, and I’m devoted to helping people make better decisions — and lead happier lives.

I believe that nothing is fated, that everything is fluid — and that the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action. But only if you honor your emotional & intuitive reactions for what they really are — a quiet, guiding intelligence.

Tarot readings are designed to swiftly illuminate your current circumstances, explore possible choices & outcomes, and unfurl the ideal road-map to the future you want to create. 

My style is frank, forthright and practical. And I love sharing my gifts with clients & always endeavor to live life through positivity and humility.                                                    

I ensure to get the best outcome for my clients and give Karmic Remedies which attain desired results.

Previous Experience

With a Post Graduation Diploma in Hospitality & Hotel Administration from the reputed Ealing, Hammersmith West London College (U.K) and a Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management from Maharashtra Technical Board, I possess a strong and versatile professional background of over 14 years in different roles and industries, but predominantly in Hospitality. Diverse experience ranging from hospitality operations to designing and conducting training program in the area of Communication, Customer Handling, Crisis Management,Training & Development, Team Building & Overall Managerial Skills.


Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner 

NLP Master Practitioner from The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist 

Certified Life Coach in Transforming Lives 

Certified Advanced Diploma in Angel Healing  

Psychic Reader in Oracle Cards

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10 Jun 19

Prasad M


Do we have to keep rakta chandan, petals of red rose and Rs58/- in red cloth and then tie it with roli string (red thread) and keep it in locker? Also please tell whether rakta chandan should be in paste form or in wood-stick form? Thank you for your valuable guidance. 

09 May 19


I had a wonderful tarot session with Poonam ... Didn't realise that besides finding a psychic reader I would be finding a friend as well :) keep up the good work ! 

07 May 19

Kiara Kapoor

I believe Poonam is not only an accurate reader she is also a great guide. She was very supportive also her remedies worked for me very well. She is understanding , sweet & very welcoming. Great with her work. I would 100% percent recommend her.

03 May 19

Ashish b

Extremely knowledgeable and really understand our concern , doubts, dilemma. She genuinely interested in helping me out and explained me every query patiently and elaborate. Listen very carefully to our brief and address more then satisfactory. She is such a blessing inneed 

08 Mar 19

Prajakta Kulkarni

Poonam is a gem of a person her positivity and trust in her predictions works really well,be it timeframe or the accuracy.May be at that moment the things are not clear but in due course it unfolds. Been to most of the tarot readers and healers but they kept on changing their statement or sugar coated talkst unlike her. She is clear and doesn't give false hope if it's not meant for you . Her remedies and positive outlook towards life has helped me a lot to evolve as a person. Thanks Poonam for being a ray of hope in my life .

05 Mar 19

Anu Rai

I am blessed that I got you has a healer. You hav understood my issues and concern and had given me very simple ways of helping it out. Hope things get sorted out fast 

05 Mar 19


Well to start with,I'm blessed to find poonam iyer. Her reading for my cards were so accurate and precise. Along with my question and doubts, she directed me to the areas I must focus. Now before every gamble step or in doubt, I make sure I take a assistance from her card reading experience. Never let me down yet. 200% recomended.

05 Mar 19


When things don't work and all of a sudden you find a ray of hope, we call it as a Miracle or God sent... Yes, today i came in contact with Poonam... For me she was no less than God sent....

She comforted me with her soothing voice and her expertise.  The best part that I learnt that she was not greedy about the money unlike others and gave so many tips.

I wish Poonam all the very best and may she prospers in her life and help people like me.

God bless !




05 Mar 19


I'm so glad I reached out to get a reading. I gave her my name & questions. Everything she said was spot on & gave me clarity. I feel relieved & more at peace. Thank you so much!

05 Mar 19


One of the best that you can find. Poonam knows her stuff to the core. She listens  to you patiently and then gives you an honest and true reading. Highly Recommended! 

04 Mar 19


Was very fortunate to come across Poonam! Without answering any questions (even the yes & no’s) she hit everything, spot on. It was nice to hear what she had to say and very very helpful with my doubts. She is the real deal ! Thank you very much for this insightful experience Poonam! 

04 Mar 19

Anand Subu

I have known Poonam for some time now. I had interacted with her on some areas that seem to be a point of no return. Poonam's knowledge in this field took me by surprise the first time I met her and I must confess she was very clear on what to tell and how to tell. I believe one of the key areas in such a profession is not only your technical ability but also your knowledge of putting things in the right perspective. Poonam comes with immense knowledge and sensitivity in this area.

I speak to her quite often now and she has been of great help. If I had to write a review about her, it would be 4 key areas - good domain knowledge, Patient listener, honest in her work and last and not the least - great communicator. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Wish her absolute success and I pray she is in a position to help many more with her knowledge and gift she possesses.


04 Mar 19


If you are looking for a positive and new beginning to your life, you have arrived at the right place.......

Poonam Iyer is an amazing life coach and NLP practitioner. She has tons of knowledge and is very empathic, professional and kind. She not only lent a supportive ear to my problems but also has provided guidance and solutions that has brought a very positive change in my life. Her readings are accurate and crisp. Thank you, Poonam, for all your help and support and continued guidance. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!




03 Mar 19

Avanti Pawar

Awesome... Very accurate readings... I'm her regular customer her readings gives me real clear picture of my questions... Very happy to have her as a consultant... I would suggest her name with my closed eye to a person who is really looking for the help... She will give them a right suggestions..

03 Mar 19


Awesome...accurate and very very helpful. Love the way you take genuine interest in the need and concerns of the client and work selflessly with them. 

Awesome.....highly recommended ????

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