Seema Chawdhary

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18 Years

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Hindi, English

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Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm

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Seema Chawdhary

I am a Bars Facilitator;  teacher of Tarot & Dream Interpretation and Analysis. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and an Angel Card Reader.

I began my journey into tarot in 2002. I teach Tarot and Dream Interpretation and Analysis. Since then I have learnt and practice several modalities. I came into Access Consciousness in 2018. As an Access Bars Facilitator, I teach Bars Classes and give Bars sessions and Body processes. 


Certified Bars Facilitator by Access Consciousness

Certified Stepping into Being You Facilitator 

Certified Body Process Practitioner 

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28 Jun 19


It was a pleasure interacting with you Seema. Thank you for your suggestions. They are so positive and real. 

27 Jun 19

Neelu Agarwal

I came across Seema while looking for a mystical healer. I did my reading with her, and it was very beneficial. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for such services. She is, indeed, very good!

27 Jun 19

Nitu Binani

Seema is the most proficient person in her craft. She is patient and insightful. Although, I met her through a common friend, but ever since I got my reading done through her ,her dream interpretation ,tarot card reading was so so accurate that it was uncanny, she is now a friend for life! Love u Seema for wht you are .

23 Jun 19

Sumita Y Gooyal

A highly intuitive Healer who is an amazing channel. In many occasions she has guided me. She is a soul one can connect to so easily and her voice like a balm that touches the soul. Thank you Seeme for being an amazing guide & friend.

21 Jun 19

Vijaya Pandey

Seema has always been a support to me. Each time I needed mental healing/ distressing , her knowledge of tarot , bars and reiki has come to my rescue. There’s a personal touch in the sessions she conducts making you feel extremely cared for and comfortable. Her vibrant personality adds to the positivity. 

21 Jun 19

Divya Rathore

Beautiful person in and out. The feeling of wellbeing shines from within and then only one can provide reading to others. Seema did my dream interpretation and it was so accurate. And , for me the most cutest part was the things she asks you to do authoratively... after the interpretation.( Homework) as if she knows you for ages.

Lots of luv and light to her.????????

21 Jun 19

Sai Shetty

Seema is an amazing person with golden heart  ????????????

You can take an appointment for counselling and half of your issues will be gone.. She touch the exact issue and give the solutions.. Her solutions are more empowering of our own creations.. Moreover she is not money minded which you will find rare in this world of healing/healer.. 

Thanks God for sending her in my universe ????????

21 Jun 19

Shivi Krishna


It's a pleasure to know her, she is an Earth Angel. Her intuition is her biggest asset. Before you even say it, she will know it. You can get connected with her for any kind of help, any modality, she will go beyond to help you. A very kind, gentle and generous friend of mine. Loads of good luck and love Seema. 

Loads of good wishes


20 Jun 19

Ujjwal Batra

Seema Chowdhary is truly a BRAND! I got a reading done for my Father and she was jaw droppingly accurate, her finesse in her practice, in her consultations and life in general is something to be looked forward to. Excellent in her Card Readings, I happened to receive a Body Process as well from her which resulted very beautifully for me. I am glad to have you as a Spiritual friend Seema Di, Bless you! 

19 Jun 19

Sheetal Batra

Seema is an amazing cards reader, numerologist, dream interpreter and an access bars Facilitator.   

Her humble nature makes learnings and guidance at an ease.  She puts in her heart and soul which makes every modality so beautiful! 

I strongly recommend her.

19 Jun 19


Seema is a par excellence dream interpretar, her interpretations are bang on and very helpful. Besides this she is a lovely being, gives unconditional support and guides everyone she comes across. It's a blessing knowing her. 

19 Jun 19


Seema is a facilitator with personal touch . She has an intrinsic power to heal . I have been in touch with her foe Tarot reading and Bar counseling. Each time she has provided me with preparedness to handle change. Lady with loving heart ????????

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