Dimple Ranawat

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6 Years

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Bengaluru (Bangalore)

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Hindi, English

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Mon - Fri : 8am - 12am and 4pm - 8pm

Sat-Sun - 8am - 8pm

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Dimple Ranawat

Famously known as the 'Hope Counsellor', Dimple Ranawat has been healing and counselling people for the past 6 years. She focuses on providing people with self-help tools at the time of desperation, hopelessness, lack of clarity and fear. She specialises in healing modalities such as Past Life Regression, Matrix Healing, Merkaba Healing, Joyous Body Protocol, Chakra Healing and more.


Dimple believes in keenly listening to her clients to help heal their issues from the core by peeling off layers. She provides expert guidance for all kinds of concerns including physical, financial, emotional, mental health and also animal and plant healing! 100s of people have had great experiences with Dimple. For instance, all of her chakra healing and balancing clients have reported a significant boost in their energy levels.


Dimple's strength lies in the fact that she looks for ways to advance herself, her family, friends and clients. Her goal is to continually see and support her clients' growing awareness, healing and progress.


Past Life Regression Therapist

Gaia Matrix Healer

Gaia Matrix Trainer

Merkaba Advanced Healer

Chakra Healing

Chakra Balancing

Joyous Body Protocal



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05 Mar 21

R. Bansal

I have had multiple issues in health and relationship. My married life has been chaos for many years now and the extreme stress gets me into hyper thyriod and diabetes. However, my association with Dimple for around 4 years helped me hugely to improve in all areas of life. Her counselling is more than enough to ignite the hope and positivity. Her sessions have helped me to get over hyper thyriod in 20 days and my sugar level is also balanced. I really feel lucky to have associated with her. 

17 Feb 21

Rajesh Pai

I was referred to Dimple by a close colleague of mine. My pet Cherry, a dachshund, suffered an intervertebral disc damage on 01 Feb and lost control of her hip and hind legs and lost her appetite. Dimple started her healing from day 1. Today after 17 days which included 10 days of hospitalisation Cherry started to take baby steps around 5 days back. Her progress is increasing by leaps and bounds and today she is wobbly but on her feet most of the time. Increased energy, good appetite and she is back in her element and attitude. Thanks Dimple..... I am sure that within 15 days Cherry will be her ownself and running around like before.

15 Feb 21

Garima Saxena

Dimple is an amazing counselor. I was having tough time handling relationships issue and my severe social anxiety. Dimple helped me gather my thoughts and to realise my true nature. I'm improving a bit everyday with her constant counseling and healing. She'll always be a special person to me and I'm glad to find a friend like her 

10 Feb 21


Dimple Mam is our family healer. During the times when my mother was battling cancer and as a family we were in despair. She helped us to make efforts through our prayers and positive mindset and creating good causes. She ignited the hope within us and her encouragement and guidance helped us to get through tough times. Her every word is like a light for us which kept us going positively and strongly. My mother is cured of cancer now. And as a family, we are immensely gratefult to Mam. Many many thank you Dimple Mam.

09 Feb 21


Dimple is literally God's child. She has been a great help time and again. Be it healing my pets, my children or myself.

Her intuition is to-the-point and her healing reaches out directly to the soul. I always feel  a huge shift even just by talking to her. Her words carries such a warmth that it filles me with hope and joy. In times of confusion, conflicts and chaos, the only thing for me to do is to reach out to "D" (Dimple) that's how I call it and her Divine energy will fill you with hope and happiness. May your divine energy reaches out to more and more people. Be blessed!!!

08 Feb 21


It's been over 5 years since I got to know Dimple and her work. She is doing amazing. She has been a great help to me in resolving various issues of my own life. When my family life was in trouble. I sought her guidance and since then she is the first point of contact for me to go for almost everything. Her compassionate nature is incredible. Her patience in listening to me without judgement is a virtue which is rare now a days. I recently fell in the phase where everything was hopeless despite outwardly seeming good to go life and I had no idea where to look for and she helped to get through the phase with ease and peace. I am forever indebted to her for this kind gesture. She helped me to know my innerself and the joy is beyond I can explain in words. Thank you so much Dimple. Lots of Love to you. May you keep doing incredible work and help many lives around. Good wishes!

06 Feb 21


It was all started from lockdown time, where I had to sit all day long at home. It resulted some life style disease and mental exaggeration. I was worried about my health and mental state. Then I came across some healing and Chakra balancing treatment from Dimple. I told her about my GERD problem which was causing heartburn and I was depressed. She console me and assured that all will well. I underwent some healing therapy and I was not able to believe that all my problem vanished. I was feeling light and happy. She is very helpful, calm and polite personality. Thank you so much Dimple!!

06 Feb 21


Meeting Dimple was a heaven sent help for me. I was struggling with some relationship issues which I believed had some connection with my previous life time. A past life regression revealed a re-occuring pattern in three of my lives and Dimple's counseling enabled me to let- go of the past hurts and trauma. I felt much lighter after understanding the origin of my problems and started working towards my inner healing. Dimple's integrated healing helped my Mother too, and within 3 weeks, she could feel a shift in her energy levels. Seeing my Mother happy fills me with tremendous joy and my heart remains indebted to Dimple with gratitude.

06 Feb 21

Sajjan S

I am a diabetes patient. My sugar level was going very high and medicines were not helping me. Then I took help from her and from the first session, my sugar level are in control. Her counselling is helping me. She shared some mantras and some easy techniques which I regularly follow.

Overall I feel better day by day. Thank you.

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