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Neelam & Paul Hinsberger (44 Years)

Greetings Brothers and Sisters, welcome to Shamanic Vision!

There are two of us: Paul Hinsberger from California and Neelam Nanwani from India.

Paul is a published author, a Shamanic Counselor, a Public Speaker, a Workshop Facilitator and a Holistic Practitioner. Paul offers Heart-based workshops, retreats and lectures that focus on Life Balance, Self-awareness and Inner Peace. Seen as a Life Guide, Paul warmly shares his life experiences while connecting deeply with his clients and participants. Noted for his written blogs, Paul also hosts a weekly radio blog with Neelam called The Sharing Circle. A gifted psychic and intuitive tarot card reader and instructor, Paul has read tarot since he was 17. He utilizes Tarot as a tool to open the Gateway to Personal Change. Highly creative, heart centered and compassionate, Paul is attuned to the World around him and to those who enter into his sphere of Being. He is very warm and welcoming, non-judgmental and down to earth. Paul regularly leads and facilitates both drum and Shamanic Circles, creating sacred space while uniting people in both trance and meditative states with ease.

Neelam is also a Shamanic Practitioner and is a highly evolved Inner Child Therapist. Dedicated to sharing her knowledge and compassionate heart with others, Neelam blends intuitive wisdom with solid understanding, creating a powerful, holistic approach, specializing in the areas of Emotional change.. A highly skilled Reiki Master, hypnotherapist and graphologist, Neelam is filled with Light and BEing. Skilled in both private sessions and groups, Neelam speaks at public events mostly in her home town of Ahmedabad, India. Neelam’s articles are often found in The Times of India and other publications within the spiritual community. In addition, Neelam maintains a blog (The Sharing Circle) and is the co-host with Paul on the Sharing Circle radio blog.

Here is what they do:

Shadow work

Beneath the social mask we wear every day, we have a hidden shadow side: an impulsive, wounded, sad, or isolated part that we generally try to ignore. This hidden side is called The Shadow and it can be a source of emotional richness and vitality, and acknowledging it can open a pathway to healing and way to living a truthful, authentic life. Here, you will begin delving into the depths of you, building an interactive, lifelong connection with your Soul and your Shadow.

Dream work

Are you aware that you have an Inner-Freud, a personal therapist, who knows your every concern, fear, and secret and has the perfect solution for you? You have a direct line to profound FREE therapy that can circumvent years of traditional expensive psychotherapy or be used in concert with traditional therapy.Welcome to the Worlds of Dreams! When we learn to tap into our dreams, an entire world of healing and limitless potential is available to us. Allow the Power of your Dreams to Empower you!

Voice Dialog System

Voice Dialogue is a psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness and transformation that includes an in-depth study of the many selves or sub-personalities that make up the psyche. In this process, you become aware of, and experience, the various Selves that run your life and you learn how to use them in a conscious way, developing an Aware and Positive functioning Ego.


PSYCH-K is a non-invasive, interactive process of change…it is a simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging. It is especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction.

Psychopomp—Conductor of Souls

A psychopomp is a guide, whose primary function is to escort souls to the afterlife, but they can also serve as guides through the various transitions of life. In this work, we assist those in preparing for their next voyage and also provide help and healing to those who have passed. This is profound and very deep work.

Land Healing

The Earth holds much trauma from the abuse and adverse energies from the stories and imprints of mankind. Land healing and Space Clearing removes toxic energy of these imprints and brings blessings, removes stagnation and curses and connects the land with the Ancestors of that land. This is a co-creative process that works with the natural world and the divine to bring balance to the Earth and heal the heavy imprints left from unbalanced, human activity.

Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is found around the World and brings with it immense teachings for personal discovery and healing. The Medicine Wheel is the guiding compass for Vision Quests and inward journeys. Medicine wheels are found in the home and on the land, creating sacred space and as permanent fixtures for future generations to enjoy.

Ancestor Healing
Have you ever noticed that there is a certain pattern in your family? Maybe one of great financial losses or of violent death, of unhappy relationships, or problems with a particular element such as water or fire or air or earth. In this work, we find the root of the ancestral patterns and help the ancestors involved to let go of their guilt and shame, healing them and all subsequent generations. We all need to reconnect to the Wisdom of our Ancestors, be it for empowerment, for knowledge, for protection or even for personal values and to uncover hidden personal gifts.

Shamanic Weddings

Shamanism creates highly specialized ceremonies. How perfect is that for your most special day! Shamanism blends beautifully and effortlessly with established religions and traditions or you can have a custom made ceremony that is purely Shamanic.

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10 Dec 15

darpan kaur

I have attended a drum circle with Paul & Neelam and it was one of the most magical nights ever. And I feel that the healing continued for the next few days.