Personal Energy Management

Description :


In 2014, Sridhar formulated this course – Personal Energy Management (PEM) – to teach energy and spirituality in terms of science so that all therapies start making more sense. Also, our energy needs to be managed. Else, the energy starts to manage us. Our energy levels fluctuate every moment depending on our response to a situation, our interaction with people, the emotional baggage we carry, the self-esteem we possess, our health status, and our personality characteristics.

Personal Energy Management (PEM) is the must-know art and science of understanding your energy patterns, and about knowing the techniques to increase, protect, control and manage it. Mastering this skill helps tremendously in facing the enormous pressure one faces every day in terms of career, peer pressure and relationships. 

1) How to manage stress by changing your frequency 
2) How to use the earth's energy to heal yourself.  
3) Tools to understand our personal energy in terms of physics, chemistry and maths  
4) Sureshot ways to find your larger purpose in life and how to communicate with the Universe.
5) The bubble technique, energy circle technique and much more
6) Techniques to analyse and heal your chakras. 
7) Techiques to transfer thoughts clairvoyantly
8) Tools to analyse and heal the energy in your home