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Ananta Organic Compost

Benefits :

Guarantees germination, Flowering, better resistance to insects and pests, shorter period of maturation, excellent water holding capacity, micronutrient rich food for plants, conditions soil

Specifications :

1 kg packet

Location : Delhi, Goa, Mumbai, Pune (Poona)

Retailer : Ananta Renewables Pvt Ltd

Category : Agriculture, Horticulture, Plant food

MRP : INR 380

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Ananta Organic Compost – The Best Garden…Naturally!!!©

Our signature product, prepared from concentrates of choice vegetables and fruits mixed in the ideal proportion.

Provides all essential micronutrients, so promotes better germination, flowering and fruiting.

Increases plant immunity over a period of time, making them healthy and more resistant to pests.

Free from chemicals and pathogens, but full of beneficial microbes which enrich the soil.

It acts as an excellent soil conditioner and remediates nutritionally deficient and chemically damaged soil.

It also has excellent water holding capacity (WHC), so you save on water and prevent nutrients from leaching out.

Be it seed sprouting, growing plants or full grown trees, potted plants or gardens,

Ananta Organic Compost is a one-stop nutrition source.

Keep your precious greens on a diet of Ananta Organic Compost and loads of love and watch them flourish!


Product retailed by Shweta Bhonsle of Ananta Renewables Pvt Ltd

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