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Shreem Healing Cube Candles White. White Is The Color Of Protection And Purification. Linked With The Moon, White Candles Contain All Colors And Are Used For Positive Purposes.

Location : Pune (Poona)

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Shreem Be Blessed Be Happy

Shreem Vedaa's Natural Wax And Essential Oils Candles

We At Shreem Try To Use Natural Products For Any Rituals So As These Candles Are Made With Mix Of Soy Bee And Some Portion Of Paraffin Wax Without Any Chemicals And With Perfect Blend Of Aromatherapy Oil From Herbs Flowers Roots N Spices . And The Most Important Part Is These Are Hand Rolled Candles Not Machine Made So These Are More Powerful.

Each Candle Has Its Own Significance And Each Color Is Associated With Particular Purpose To Light Or Use And So As The Fragrances Has Its Important Role To Play Along With Color. Each Color & The Aroma Club Together To Make A Vital Bond With The Process You Are Performing.

Dr. Ashika Vyas Being A Wicca Helps To Give Us Perfect Combination Of Oils Color N Energies All These On Particular Lunar Phase As Per The Requirements And Purpose.

So What You Order From Shreem Is Not Just A Candle But Its A Blessings Of Mother Earth And Moon With Lots Of Hard Work And Utilization Of Years Long Journey Of Knowledge Which Reaches You In A Form Of Candle.


Candle Magic Spells And Colors:

White: White Is The Color Of Protection And Purification. Linked With The Moon, White Candles Contain All Colors And Are Used For Positive Purposes.

Ideally, You Want To Use Candles Made From Soy Or Beeswax For Casting Candle Magic Spells. This Is Important Because These Candles Contain Natural Ingredients, Helping To Bring You Closer To The Spirit Of The Universe. Making The Candles Yourself Isn't Necessary, But Some People Do Choose To Go This Route To Further Insure The Purity Of Their Candles. We Assure You The Best Witchcraft Supplies Like Handmade Aroma Candles, Hand Rolled Incense With Natural Organic Herbs Spices And Essential Oils.

We Also Energies Each Of The Raw Material And Final Products In Fire Rituals As Per Moon Phase.

And The Best Part Is If You Are Not Very Much Sure About Which Color What Fragrances Simply Share Your Purpose We Will Guide You With Ritual As Well As All The Supplies Like Candles Oils Incenses Herbs Crystals Etc. Very Well.


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