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Shuddhi Therapy Healing Oil

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : Richard Rodrigues

Category : Health and Beauty, Healing and Skin care

MRP : INR 700

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Shuddhi Therapy Healing Oil purifies to heal almost anything you intend healing with it. It makes healing just a touch away.

Infused with the Divine energies of the “God of Healing”, essence of rare rudraksha beads, holy bael, camphor, and cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, Shuddhi Therapy Healing Oil has effective for healingall kinds of joint,muscular, nerve pains, cold, congestion, sinusitus, migraine, acidity, arthritis, psoriasis, piles, menstrual cramps, menstrual cramps, stress, fatigue, insomnia, cuts, wounds, dandruff, wrinkles, dark circles, skin imperfections,etc.

Shuddhi Therapy Healing Oil rejuvenates the cells of the body making you feel healthy and divine. 

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Retailer : Shudhi Therapy - Richard Rodrigues

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08 Sep 15


Ive been using this amazing oil for a while now and it is has helped me through quite a bit !  from muscle pains and sprains  to headaches and colds -  love it! 

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