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M S Lokhandwala


GMCKS' Basic Pranic Healing Class, From: 2021-02-27 To: 2021-02-28 , Mumbai

Pranic Healing


Cost : INR 6000/-

The Basic Pranic Healing workshop is truly life-changing.

Apart from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth, the class gives the participant the ability to heal themselves, their family and anyone else of various ailments and diseases.

- Learn the two fundamental laws of Pranic Healing.

- Practicals to see the prana and the human aura.

- Learn the art of measuring the aura and the chakras using a technique known as scanning.

- Learn how to balance the energetic condition of the chakras and the energy body using the seven techniques of Pranic Healing.

- Learn a powerful meditation which brings down tremendous divine energy for spiritual development and general well-being.

- Learn the pranic breathing technique to clean and strengthen the aura and the chakras

- Learn how to heal from a distance.

- Learn different aspects of the Law of Karma, and how to utilise it for the betterment of life using the Golden Rule.




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Healing with Jasminna


Reiki Level 1, From: 2021-02-27 To: 2021-02-27, Frequency: Once , Mumbai



Cost : INR 2500/-

REIKI Workshop Level 1

Reiki is a holistic system of healing which heals on all levels - physical , mental and emotional. 1st level Reiki teaches you to heal yourself and others with your hands and how to charge your food water and clothes you wear etc.

*With Reiki you are able to* :

Enhance your Career, Wealth, Abundance & Goal, Heal Diseases, Relationships, Problems, Attacks, Develop Unshakeable Confidence, Mental & Psychic Powers, and find the Divine Purpose of Life and much more.


Contents of Reiki 1st level

What is Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

History of Reiki

Chakras and their functions

Chakra meditation

How to use Reiki in daily life

Attunement process


Date :  27th February 2021

Venue :  Online - Zoom

EE – Rs 2500/-

Time : 2 pm to 6 pm

Grand Master – Jasminna

Mob  - 8291007941



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Healing with Jasminna


Lama Fera Healing 1 , From: 2021-02-28 To: 2021-02-28, Frequency: Once , Mumbai

Lama Fera


Cost : INR 10000

Lama Fera Healing Workshop – 1


Lama Fera Healing is an exceptionally powerful and quick energy healing technique. Buddhist monks of the Himalayas have been using it for centuries. It is a unique therapy that cleanses the energy flow system of the body. It works on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Lama Fera symbols are powerful enough to tackle negative energies of the highest level


A healing session features a ritual. The healing does not include touching the body. It involves the use of mantras and symbols and their vibrations. The healer helps to transfer Lord Buddha's energy to the patient to heal a particular illness or disease. According to practitioners, the healing happens through the use of 12 symbols.


It frees you from stress, depression.
This therapy removes fears, anxiety.
It gets rid of negative energy and evil spirits.
It helps to improve memory and concentration. This happens through meditation.
The therapy increases your willpower.
The healing helps to resolve issues of past life.
It helps to clear issues in health, property, business, career, relationship, and others.
It encourages chemical processing in various body systems.
This kind of healing increases energy flow in the body and gives it strength - physical and mental.

Lama Fera uses sacred mantras. Practitioners believe they are from Lord Buddha. So, this therapy is like working with Divine energy. It, truly, is worth a try.


Date : 28th February  2021

Time : 10 AM to 6 PM

E/E - Rs 10,000/-

Venue : Andheri West, Mumbai 400061

By : Grand Master Jasminna

Mob :- 8291007941

Includes : Lama Fera Healing Kit ,  Tea/Coffee and Lunch




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Arpita A Thakkar


Akashic Records Workshop, From: 2021-03-03 To: 2021-03-05, Frequency: 3 days (from 3rd Mar to 5th Mar) , Mumbai

Akashic Records,Reiki,Tarot Cards,Bach flowers Speak


Cost : INR 7500 Rs

This workshop is a single level workshop. The teacher level attunement is also taught here.

Contents of the workshop

What are Akashic Records

Benefits of Akashic Records

How to access the Akashic Records

Prayer to access the Akashic Records

How to read the records for yourself and others

Importance and role of karmas

Visualisation proceedure to access the records

Proceedure to clear and heal your records

Rewriting of Records

Attunement given

Proceedure to give teacher attunement 





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Arpita A Thakkar


Reiki Workshop (master and grandmaster level), From: 2021-03-06 To: 2021-03-07, Frequency: 2 days workshop on master and grandmaster level , Mumbai

Reiki,Akashic Records,Tarot Cards,Bach Flower Remedies


Cost : INR 17, 500

Reiki is wonderful healing modality and  a holistic approach to heal your physical, emotional and mental states. It heals your past, present and future issues and guides and empowers you spiritually.

This workshop makes you a master and then grandmaster after which you can start your professional journey of Reiki. It empowers you to teach others and lead them to light. 




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Siddhii Shaah


The Celestial Dragons + Dragon Reiki Workshop, From: 2021-03-06 To: 2020-11-28, Frequency: Twice a week, 7 sessions on Thursdays & Fridays , Mumbai



Cost : INR 6,500

Yana's Healing Studio Presents

A power-packed workshop with a mix of 2 different Dragon Modalities

1 Practitioner level of the Celestial Dragon Workshop &
2 Dragon Reiki practitioner + Master Level

It is one of the most profound and powerful energies to work with. Dragons are said to be best protectors. Make a connection with them to unblock the pathways of your life. 

???? Make a connection with your Guardian Dragon
???? Perform Healing from Distance
???? Learn Dragon Reiki Symbols
???? Merge both Modalities to make your healing powerful
???? Practice sessions included
???? Receive 3 attunements
???? 7 zoom call sessions
???? Digital Notes + PDF given

Learn it from Siddhii Shaah
Who has delivered many quick & powerful Dragon Healings for health, Money, Anxiety & more. 

Days: Thursday & Friday
Time: 2:30 to 4:30

For more information pls call: 8928734540

Yana's Healing Studio



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Dr Geetanjali Saxena

Integrated Constellation & Role Play Therapy Workshop , From: 2021-03-10 To: 2021-03-16 , Mumbai

Family Constellations


Integrated Constellation & Role Play Therapy Workshop

know more -

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