We doubt that there is anybody out there who doesn't agree when we say that the world needs healing. Pollution, corruption, crime, confusion, terrorism, climate uncontrol, rising rates of divorce, depression, stress - these have become part of our routine life, but somewhere we know, this is not the way it is supposed to be. Never in the history of humanity have we needed more healing.

The great news is that, in answer, never in the history of humanity have so many healers, healing techniques or healing products been available to us! Conversely, not too many people are aware of these options.

This is where Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies steps in :)

As more people meet more healers and more healers meet more people, our awareness of healing possibilities increases and it becomes easier to find one that we can commit to because each of us will find the option we most resonate with. It's like going to the gym or going to yoga class or jogging or a combination of all – all of us will have individual preferences – all we need is the exposure to the activity...Similarly, as we realise the multitude of healing options available to us, there will be one (or a combination of many) that we can use to energise and empower ourselves. So, the more we are exposed to the possibilities, the higher the chance that we will find what works for us.

While most of us are familiar with yoga or reiki or pranic, tarot and the ever popular astrology, there are at least 260 such modalities in the world with astounding results!

Our BRAND AGENDA is about:

1. Empowering through the many choices and possibilities in alternative medicine, unconventional therapy and healthy, healing products
2. Education and awareness of those choices and possibilities to global audiences
3. Putting India on the world map in the healing and wellness industry
4.Supporting existing medicine paradigms to work even better. At no point is our stance anti-allopathic or anti-western or even to advocate substitutes for existing practices of medicine. We know that co-creation is the way forward, not just for healing practices, but for businesses as well

'Be the change you want to see', Mahatma Gandhi said and we believe we are supporting everybody do just that! We are a movement, adding our momentum to the healing wave across the globe, changing the world for the better and leaving it more awesome for our children and our grandchildren :)

If you are a healer or retail therapist, you have to continuously be out there. Constantly speaking to potential clients. Developing your own expertise. You need platforms, vehicles and channels that you can get on to do that. And of course, you do. You do workshops, you take part in exhibitions, you put up posters on social media and more. But what if a lot of them could come to you from a group of people dedicated to getting you more clients? Would that not make your life and year so much more easier, not to mention professional? We are the only company in the world doing this and in the year that we have been around, we have learnt much that you could benefit by. We never want you to be limited by the number of people you can reach out to and by being on our platforms, you are constantly being promoted!

1. Our site, the first of its kind in the world, along with
2. Our mobile app, “Mystic Lotus" (also the first of its kind in the world!) Whatever you can accomplish as an individual, you can accomplish much more when you are part of a group that has the same goal as you i.e to reach out to more people. We have been around for a year now and while we have already done much to drive traffic to our site and app, our efforts will continue to get more and more every year!
3. India's first ever Tele-summits!

The ultimate level of promotion is when you can reach thousands of new people and share your message with them. Within an hour or two! Most importantly, these are all people who have opted in to be on the call because they're interested in healing services and products that you are offering. So if you know how to present yourself and make the right offer it's not uncommon to get more sales in those two hours than in two days of an exhibition!! Take your pic with all our options!

The Successful Healer (formally known as The Healer’s Crisis ; OVER!)- A telecall series specially for Healers and Retail Therapists that has already run into four, yes four seasons and will now continue in the coming year with more conversations and insights on marketing, social media, technology and releasing blocks to getting in more clients. We offer support everywhere possible to get you to your NEXT! level of success!

The AWESOME White Light Telesummit - Five healers across five Sundays speak and share their gifts with a countrywide audience!

The AWESOME Money Telesummit with 17 calls across 10 days! We made superstars of our participants and they will tell you, it is the most incredible feeling!

The AWESOME Forgiveness Telesummit in December

The AWESOME Health and Weight Release Telesummit in January

The AWESOME love Telesummit in February

4. Two on ground healing festivals (another first for India!) where we had more than a collective total of 1200 people visit us (many for the second time).

5. Five Whatsapp groups, including the Mystic Lotus White Light groups where you get to demonstrate your gifts and work when not preparing for the Telesummit and The Festival.

6. Special deals across Venues like The Integral Space, Lower Parel, Sol Essence in Andheri and Let's Clap in Malad where you get a rate nobody else does! Last year, we also swung speacial deals in other exhibitions!

7. Your own special individual coaching for email marketing, social media promotions alongwith putting together your event for you!

What more can we do for you? Tell us, ask us, join us!

Thank you.

Amrish 98203-42288


1. Darpan Kaur (Healer)
Lovely Nidhu and Neelu, 
I loved the idea of what you were attempting to do with Mystic Lotus from the beginning and you guys have certainly exceeded expectations for On Board the Reiki Bus. We love the creativity with which you communicate the offers, and the response has been tremendous for us! We love you guys!
Bus loads of Reiki love,
The Reiki Girls

2. Payal Tyagi (Retail Therapist)
I have participated in many events for the last 6 years. I have NEVER EVER had such an overwhelming sale in a single event. EVER. You guys were awesome, the energy was abundant, beautiful and magical :) I have made many new clients and the orders continue to come in. Love you guys!!!
Grateful Forever
Love and Hugs.

3. PerVyyn (Seeker)
I would like to voice my appreciation to the ML TEAM comprising of NIdhu Kapoor, Tripti Raikwar and others for channelling healing to me when i was down with a really bad case of Allergic Chronic Sinusitis with mucus clogging my frontal and maxillary sinus cavities and causing unbearable headaches, interalia. Albeit I am a qualified healer, I was in no condition to heal myself and I am very thankful to Nidhu Kapoor and her team of ace healers who channelled healing to me unconditionally and made a big, positive difference in my life. Thanx again and God Bless each and everyone of you.

4. Askika Pradeepkumar Pandey (Healer) - about the AWESOME Money Telesummit
Yesssss These Divine Souls Neelu Nidhu Amrish are doing a Wonderful N tough really Tough Job of connecting all of us together.
This festive season is more blissful coz of 2 Devis NEELU N NIDHU AND 1 Bhairav AMRISH. who collected us like thread holds a diffrent flower .......... Flowers make a Garland the thread remains holding flowers N giving all the credit to flowers whereas the most important part in garland which arranges flowers so beautifully is the THREAD itself remains unnoticed but here I m glad that we all know N acknowledge their hard work dedication towards this Divine Festival.
It's really a BIG TASK N tough job to organise N handle all different kind of ppl from all over world so beautifully.
Salute to this Trio N N A

5. Bindu S (Seeker) - during the AWESOME MONEY Telesummit
Hi, I had mentioned on the second day that I listen to a lot of free international seminars from Lisa Nichols,John Assaraf Harv Eker ..and learnt a lot .
I said I found the AWESOME Money Telesummit recordings good . Well now I want to say that I was wrong .
You all are way way better , making it so personalised, paying attention to smallest detail and eager to solve our problems related to the recordings.
And I am saying all this when I haven't been listening on call most of the times and haven't been able to do all the meditations from the recordings too.
Hats off to all three of you for having arranged something that is perhaps a first in this country.
I am so proud that three Indians have managed something on this scale successfully
Heartfelt gratitude and heartiest Congratulations to the three of you.
I am sending this to all three of you as I want to thank each one personally..

6. Parrin Dharod (Retail Therapist) - within 3 days of registering with Mystic Lotus
Nidhu already going crazy 62 Oil bottles already booked... A fantastic response and to top on it people have even booked for other oils and crystals too as have 600 different varieties of oils and customise them too. The biggest jackpot was 1 Manifestation Miracle oil for 15000 which got booked

7. Zenobia Edulkaka (Healer)
I attended the first meeting (for joining Mystic Lotus) not knowing what to expect, but how glad I am now, about this decision of mine.The one big take-away, an expansion of network.So many like minded people are slowly becoming aware of what i do !! That counts. The healer's crisis meetings are a highlight , with Nidhu's able guidance. Look forward to more such enlightening meets in 2016.Wow, Yes, Nidhu. All the team so very friendly, warm and extremely receptive to any queries and requests. Thank you ,each one of you for everything. May Mystic Lotus soar to the highest heights possible !!! All strength unto you all.

8. Manjula Bahadur (Retail Therapist) - about the on-ground festival in AUGUST 2016
Thank you Nidhu for the festival last sat and sun.
It was a fantastic experience.
And you... Neelu and all the Mytic Lotus Team were exceptionally Fabulous.
Please count me IN for your next festival...whenever it is held....

9. Kavita Erady (Seeker) - about White Light Healing Group
Hi Nidhu, this is Kavita Erady from the Mystic Lotus White Light Healing Group. I must say that this is a remarkable and commendable group of exceptional Healers! And am privileged to be a part of it! I pray for the welfare and success of our group. God bless!

10. Sudha Ambikadas (Healer)
The Mystic Lotus Team has become very special to me. Each of the ML team ..Nidhu and her mesmerising voice and her dil khol ke laugh, Neelu ...your energetic voice that builds up excitement making each want to experience the therapies and Amrish... your support made it all happen. All hold place in my heart. Very special place. Blessings of abundance, peace and prosperity for you always forever.
Mystic Lotus has opened the gateways to abundance for each and everyone if us. Thank you thank you thank you.
The name Nidhu Kapoor and Mystic Lotus ...both just signify MONEY... AWESOME..MONEY me.