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Veejay Israani


I Love Bachflowers, From: 2020-07-10 To: 2020-07-20

Bach Flower Remedies


Cost : INR 3500

This is a 10 day course on whatsapp where everyday matter will be posted in text as well as audio form. At the end of the workshop, a certificate of participation will be emailed with the manual. There will be a 30 days support after the workshop gets over.



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Dr Geetanjali Saxena


Crystal ball gazing , From: 2020-07-11 To: 2020-07-11



You will discover how to prepare yourself to delve into the mystical divination of crystal scrying. Learning how to read and interpret the images perceived.

You may use your own crystal ball or one can be provided for you.

The Course will cover:-

History of Scrying. Preparation for using the crystal ball.

Crystal ball gazing. . Scrying tools

Practical sessions using a crystal ball.

For more information call 9322127722

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Varsha Singh


HomeComing Workshop, From: 2020-07-12 To: 2020-07-15, Frequency: All 7 Days , Delhi

Energy Healing,Meditation,Hypnotherapy,Karmic Clearing


Cost : INR 555/-

7-Days HomeComing Workshop For Just Rs.555/- Is Coducted Online On WhatsApp/ Email. Heal Your Mental & Physical Health Alongwith Relationship. Boost Your Self-Love, Confidence Thus, Reduces Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Overthinking Etc.



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Naveeta Singh


Navgraha healing with bonus shree yantra course, From: 2020-07-14 To: 2020-07-15, Frequency: Online , Delhi

Energy Healing


Cost : INR 888

This is a two in one course about navgraha and usage of shree yantra respectively.

There are nine planets in our system and each has a significant effect on our lives. These planets reward or punish us according to the karmas they are associated with.  By healing our planets we can heal our karmas and seek their blessings.

Navgraha healing helps us do planetary healing. It also gives us a burst of instant energy and positivity.  It strengthens our faith to face various situations in life.  

The second course/part is about how to use Shree yantra for wish manifestation.



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Swapanjot Gandhi


Overcoming Criticism , From: 2020-07-17 To: 2020-07-17, Frequency: Once , Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Heal Your Life


Cost : INR 499

An online workshop for 2 hours 



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Dr Geetanjali Saxena


Past Life Regression Experiential Workshop , From: 2020-07-19 To: 2020-07-19 , Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Past Life Regression



Join this link to know more -

Life between Lives regression is a spiritual hypnotic regression which is focused on helping you reconnect with your soul self, your spirit guides and understand the ever-expanding nature of your own consciousness. Witness recurring karmic patterns in relationships, professional life with a complete non-judgemental view.

- Understand the benefits of PLR.
- How are beliefs formed and stored in the body?
- Understanding the Law of Karma.
- The purpose of the Soul to reincarnate.
- Soul Retrieval Meditation.
- Past Life Meditation.
- Spirit Guide Meditation.

Come and explore this journey of the Past Life Regression Experiential Workshop.

To Register-
Call On- +91 9322127722 or email us @ or visit our website

#pastliferegression #plrjoyshop #plrjoyshopinmumbai #workshopsinmumbai #drgittanjalisaxena #holistichealer



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Arpita Thakkar


Reiki level 1 workshop, 2020-07-19 , Mumbai

Reiki,Switchwords,Tarot Cards,Akashic Records


Cost : INR 3000 rs

Reiki is a holistic system of healing which heals on all levels - physical , mental and emotional. 1st level Reiki teaches you to heal yourself and others with your hands and how to charge your food water and clothes you wear etc.

This will be an online class followed with notes on wats app for 3 days.

Contents of Reiki 1st level

What is Reiki

Benefits of Reiki

History of Reiki

Chakras and their functions

Chakra meditation

How to use Reiki in daily life

Attunement process




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Veejay Israani


Merkaba Workshop, From: 2020-07-22 To: 2020-07-29 , Mumbai



Cost : INR 6000

    4th session on zoom
Merkaba workshops on zoom are going great! As here we do not have time constraints,so are free to give on more attention to practicals. Also pay individual attention to each participant 
The entire workshop will run in 8 sessions on zoom with a duration of 1and half to 2hours each which comes to nearly 3 full days if conducted on ground
The curriculum is as follows:
 ?? Session 1  
????What is merkaba 
????What happens when your merkaba is activated? 
????Why merkaba healing?  
???? Benefits of Merkaba
????How does merkaba work
????How it is different from other healing modalities  

 ?? Session 2    
????A simple ritual  to receive  merkaba
????Why is attunement necessary?   
????Attunement with language of light  

?? Session 3   
????Short way of healing in person
????Distance healing/absentee healing
????Cleansing for ascension
 ?? Session 4
 ????Chakra healing  with Merkaba
????Programming Merkaba 
????Merkaba box   
????Group healing  

?? Session 5
????Removing negative thoughts  with Merkaba 
????Changing belief system 
????Getting Yes/No answer from Merkaba 
????Releasing karma with merkaba 

?? Session 6
????Special attunement with Light Language to empower removal of dark energies for yourself and keep your aura strong  
????Removal of Black Magic/ Dark Energies/ Psychic Attack/ Nazar etc:
????A special Vati technique  for removing negative energy
????Protections tips  

?? Session 7   
????Healing  health..all types 
????General health healing ????Healing serious illness
????Healing Emotional and Mental states like depression/fear etc: 
????Money Merkaba  
????Manifestation  with Merkaba
????Relationship  healing

 ???? Session 8
????Rebirth with Merkaba
????Blessing Ceremony 
???? Facilitator: Kavita Israni
???? Venue:         Zoom Online
???? Dates:          22nd July to 29th/30th July (8/9 days)    
???? Timings:      6.30 pm
???? Energy Exchange:  
        Early bird upto 10th July
        Rs.5000 (90$)
         Rs.6000 (108$)
( Includes notes on Email and Certificate.No recording will be provided)

????Those who have done any of my merkaba workshops, even one can join for  Rs.4000 only.
 ???? Merkaba house students can take benefit of additions or revision  of the course for Rs.2500 only 
 Practice- Receiving and Giving healing for 21 days under my guidance. 
For details and testimonials  visit:
You tube: satvakirani
For Registration:
Kavita: 9167675677       Vijay:    9820852660



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