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Sushant Shhah


Lama Fera Level 2, From: 2021-01-26 To: 2021-01-26 , Mumbai

Lama Fera


Cost : INR 15999

Most in depth understanding of Lama fera symbosls in the world - our gurantee.

Whatsapp on 9152533135 for more details.



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Sushant Shhah


Humkara with Haleem, From: 2021-01-26 To: 2021-01-26 , Mumbai

Humkara With Haleem,Lama Fera


Cost : INR 9999

Learn simple, effective and supremely powerful modality to heal yourself of past karmas and attachments by giving few minutes a day!


Whatsapp on 9152533135 for more details



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Siddhii Shaah


Magnified Healing (R) Phase 1 Workshop, From: 2021-01-30 To: 2021-01-31, Frequency: 2 Days , Mumbai

Magnified Healing


Cost : INR 17,500

*Magnified Healing Phase 1 Workshop (R)*

*Greater learning with great savings is here!*

Magnified Healing phase 1 workshop comes to you with a great saving

What's more?!

- You get internationally certified to heal and practice

- After 11 days of constant practice, you are entitled to teach others the certification course

- You get to learn Karmic clearing as a part of the course

- You work with energy that's magnified 1000 fold

- You work with energies of the God Most High of the Universe, the Creator of all

I have seen many people benefitting with jist 11 days of Magnified Healing Practice in my experience.

*EE for you: ?17,500 (includes material + food)*

Days: 2

Location: Mumbai

*The offer is time bound*

Contact: 8928734540 to know more

This is a 5th dimensional healing practice introduced by Lady Kwan Yin.

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Deepakk K Raisinghani


Akasa Abhilekhyam, From: 2021-01-30 To: 2021-01-31, Frequency: Monthly , Mumbai

Akashic Records,Angel Therapy





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Deepika Taneja


Chaldean Numerology ( Zoom workshop) , 2021-02-03, Frequency: Twice a week , Mumbai



Chaldean Numerology *(Course is certified under International Practicitioner of Hoslitic Medicines)*

Numerology analyzes the combinations of the letters in your name as well as the date on which you were born to give insights about your character, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations and life purpose.

Start date - 3rd Feb  


Introduction to chaldean Numerology & Why Chaldean.

Numver psychology

The foundation - Core Numbers

Understanding about Destiny/ Life Path Number

Meaning of Single and Compound Numbers

Meaning of soul urge

Meaning and Interpretation of the Secret self 

Maturity Number

Attitude Number

Balance Number

 Balance Number

Karmic Lessons

The Challenge Number

Hidden Passion Number

Events/ Personal Year

Personal Year/ Months and Days

Pinnacle Phases

House numbers 

GUidance on Mobile Numbers /Vehicle numbers

Name corrections LIVE 

Report Making



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Dr Geetanjali Saxena


Past Life Regression Therapists workshop , From: 2021-02-04 To: 2021-02-07 , Mumbai

Past Life Regression


Past life Therapist course register NOW -

Become a certified past life regression therapist certified by IPHM

Past life Regression is a powerful healing technique which has many benefits some of which are as follows:

• Helps overcome Fears and Phobias

• Improves one’s inter-personal relationships

• Removes the fear of death once and for all

• Releases crippling emotional, mental and physical blockages

• Releases trauma from the mind, body, emotions and spirit simultaneously

What you'll learn?

• Take clients through a complete program of past life regression sessions.

• Navigate efficiently through one past life, and though multiple past lives.

• Provide full therapeutic resolutions, based on a number of techniques.

• Recognize and apply therapy to the most popular issues.

• Experience a personal past life regression session on video for general issues.

Who this course is for?

• Anyone with a general interest in past lives and past life regression therapy (PLRT).

• Therapists wanting to manage their clients spontaneous past life experiences.

• Therapists wanting to offer past life regression therapy sessions to their clients.

• Therapists who already have PLRT training, and want a refresher or a fresh perspective..

To consult Dr. Geetanjali, please contact on 9322127722 or visit our website



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Babita Sachdeva


Magnified Healing Workshop, From: 2021-02-10 To: 2021-02-14, Frequency: 5 , Delhi

Magnified Healing


Cost : INR 4999

Magnified healing Workshop will be a 5 day Workshop for Rs 4999, People who are looking to become a teacher need to practice the healing for 11 days to get a certificate. Certificate cost will be Rs 1000 extra.



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M S Lokhandwala


GMCKS' Basic Pranic Healing Class, From: 2021-02-27 To: 2021-02-28 , Mumbai

Pranic Healing


Cost : INR 6000/-

The Basic Pranic Healing workshop is truly life-changing.

Apart from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth, the class gives the participant the ability to heal themselves, their family and anyone else of various ailments and diseases.

- Learn the two fundamental laws of Pranic Healing.

- Practicals to see the prana and the human aura.

- Learn the art of measuring the aura and the chakras using a technique known as scanning.

- Learn how to balance the energetic condition of the chakras and the energy body using the seven techniques of Pranic Healing.

- Learn a powerful meditation which brings down tremendous divine energy for spiritual development and general well-being.

- Learn the pranic breathing technique to clean and strengthen the aura and the chakras

- Learn how to heal from a distance.

- Learn different aspects of the Law of Karma, and how to utilise it for the betterment of life using the Golden Rule.




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