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HitteshGurujee  Valid till 28 Feb 2018

The powers of water charged in a colored glass bottle are simply amazing! Combined with the energised Yantra & Crystal drinking this energised water, gives fantastic results! Many people have experienced the positive results of these bottles. So, listed below are the colored glass bottles that we have. These too are energised and sanctified by Gurudev. *RED* anger, irritation, nervous disorders, confidence, aenimia, increases heat, cures low BP, enhances blood circulation, enables weight loss. *GREEN* eye disorders, insomnia, stress, mental disorders, nose bleeds, blood thinner, builds tissue, possesivesness, jealousy, resentment, calms down animals *ORANGE* children, hypertension, self pity, forgiveness, sexual powers, respiratory diseases, kidney, galleries stones, arthritis, menstrual problems, depression *PINK* Love, marriage, healthy relationships, heart related *YELLOW* clarity of purpose, positivity, digestive problems,fame , control, power, intestinal worms, greed, jealousy, urine infection, weight correction, skin cleanser, best one for students *PURPLE* removes fear, insomnia, reduces sexual desires, *BLUE* laziness, for people sleeping excessively, oral ulcers, high BP, irritation, throat chakra related issues, thyroid Energy Exchange of the bottle is Rs 600/- per piece. (Includes Yantra & crystal) Fantastic offer for members of Vidhyaa Art of Eternal Science & Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies *Buy any one color bottle and get a fabulous 25% discount on the second bottle.* AND *You also get a panch mukhi Rudraksh kavach absolutely FREE with your order* courier charges extra Contact Kashmira on 8347444730 to place your orders.