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Roop Lakhani  Valid till 30 Jun 2018

June is my birthday month and I am excited to give special soulful session during "Happy Hours"

A reading typically of 30 minutes that provides helpful insights, accurate understanding and steps to help you move forward with ease and an inspired outlook.

I will be using different decks.

1. Empowerment deck: The theme of this deck is encouragement and intuition.
It can help you:
a. Understand and bring clarity to who you are
b. Cultivate an attitude of affirmation

2.Wisdom and Forgiving deck: The theme of this deck is focus.
It can help you:
a. It can ask you to do some actions for the wisdom you need to make
b. Use your mind to create releasing baggages, stop complaining and be forgiving

3.Life purpose deck: The theme of this deck is progress.
It can help you:
a. Open up to yourself, finding your life path
b. Serve to remind you of who you truly are and therefore direct you towards progress.

Choice of Happy Hours time for the month of JUNE slots:

- 1 to 1 30pm

- 1.30 to 2pm

- 2.30 to 3pm

- 3pm to 3.30 pm

- 3.30 pm to 4 pm

Investment: Rs.1500/-

To book a slot of your preference, inbox me your details or call on 9821612031. telephonic appointment is also possible for people who cannot travel till Khar, Mumbai.

There is nothing better, than to find your true life purpose towards happiness, joy and peace in life such as work, relationship, health, finance. They will follow on it's own...

Miliind Sose  Valid till 31 Jul 2018

I would be more than glad to talk/meet people and have (say) up to three 15-20 minute sessions (extendable if required) free of cost, to discuss their 'Life Coaching' needs/requirements. 

These sessions would require that the 'guest' talks her/his mind and we discuss his life in the overall.  Two to three sessions could be required so that the guest understands/appreciates the role I may be able to play in his life towards her/him achieving her/his full potential in life, be able to live through life without any burden/stress and generally lead a happy life. For now I keep this offer on till 31/07/2018. 

Further, the possible 'clients' could be parents of children upto the age of say 12 yrs with issues to discuss (not necessarily problems of/with their children), children from 13-18 yrs of age, children/young adults of the age group 18-30, ladies who have taken a break from work due to family priorities, businessmen, executives etc. Beyond these - sports persons, people from the performing arts industry - actors, film personalities, etc., politicians and other professions who feel that they are not achieving their fullest possible. 

I look forward me to people as mentioned above



Zenobia Edulkaka  Valid till 30 Jun 2018

Get a free lenormand 3 card reading  if you hop on board for the online course ..

Parizad Irani  Valid till 08 Mar 2019

Year long offer from 13/03/2018 for only Mystic Lotus Registered customers Personal Consultations at INR 2000/- or USD 31 instead of the regular price INR 2500/- or USD 40 AND All workshops at 15% discount!