About Us

Content editor :

Could you tell us what we should write in the about us section?

Mystic Lotus :

Write 'we are awesome'

Content editor :

Er, they would need more than that. I mean, is this a listing engine, a rescue mission where we are saving souls, an NGO?

Mystic Lotus :

No, we are not any of those, altho we do have listings of intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, wise healers, trainers, therapists, and retailers of amazing goodies that serve to soothe and heal. Oh and you just have to check out our never-to-be-seen-before Homemade & Happy. So what we really are, are a showcase of gifts. Gifts of services and products that uplift the soul, nourish the body, calm the mind, increase the bank balance and steady the heart.

Content Editor :

Wow! We are awesome.

Mystic Lotus :

Told you!!

The Team

Nidhu Satish Kapoor :

CEO and Head Marketing. Between a decade at The Times of India, almost 2 years at Rediffusion - Wunderman (a Direct Marketing Agency) and time with 5 start-ups (like Planet M, CO - The Bowling Company, Palador - a World Cinema organization, Genepath - Genetic Testing and Karmic Oak - wedding planning), Nidhu has handled nearly all strategic planning, logistical and operational activities in marketing. Be it corporate communication, brand management, event management, business management, retail management, CRM, loyalty programs, call-center program supervision, direct mailing and mobile solutions for brands like Times FM, Times TV, Planet M, Filmfare and Femina awards, CO - The Bowling Company, Pond's, Zoom TV, Times Music, Jet Airways, Castrol, VW, Which? Right Choice (an UK based consumer magazine recently launched in India) she has spent 17 years handling team sizes ranging from 3 to 42! Nidhu is also a healer.

Amrish Arjun :

COO and Head - Digital. Amrish is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and has a keen interest in Digital systems. He has worked as product manager and business head in various organisations such as The Times of India Group, ABP, Reliance Entertainment, STAR CJ and others. Amrish is currently responsible for day-to-day operations, finance, software development and maintenance and setting up sales operations.

Satish Kapoor :

Mentor. With more than 35 years in Sales and Marketing with the prestigious Tata Steel group, Satish now brings his experience and know how in helping start ups well, start up. Having handled a business crisis, including maintaining healthy sales as regional head in the Steel sales division in necessary times and setting new credit management systems in Tinplate and Bearings divisions of Tata Steel to turn them into healthy profit making units, this avid golfer and foodie is also an IIT alumni. He supports us with his no-nonesense, practical approach to life and work.

Neelu Bhandari :

Head CRM. Neelu's background includes work in the hospitality and service industries with (then) The Ffort Radisson - Kolkata, (then) Max Touch - Mumbai, (then) Command - Kolkata. The Home Science graduate is a mother of 2, who she credits for having taught her patience and making scrap books! A complete people's person, she takes her job as custodian of our user base seriously enough to sometimes question rules and regulations we may have in place as well as go that extra mile. She makes it easier for the rest of us to do our work as she handles the front end with her unique aplomb and care. Just don't criticise us in front of her!!