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GMCKS' Basic Pranic Healing Class, From: 2021-02-27 To: 2021-02-28, 9am to 6pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi

Pranic Healing


Cost : INR 6000/-

The Basic Pranic Healing workshop is truly life-changing.

Apart from spiritual, mental, emotional and physical growth, the class gives the participant the ability to heal themselves, their family and anyone else of various ailments and diseases.

- Learn the two fundamental laws of Pranic Healing.

- Practicals to see the prana and the human aura.

- Learn the art of measuring the aura and the chakras using a technique known as scanning.

- Learn how to balance the energetic condition of the chakras and the energy body using the seven techniques of Pranic Healing.

- Learn a powerful meditation which brings down tremendous divine energy for spiritual development and general well-being.

- Learn the pranic breathing technique to clean and strengthen the aura and the chakras

- Learn how to heal from a distance.

- Learn different aspects of the Law of Karma, and how to utilise it for the betterment of life using the Golden Rule.




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C23 Flower Queen , Opp ICICI Bank ,Veera Desai Road, Near Azad Nagar metro station, Andheri west Mumbai 400 058

Who should attend

Participant must be atleast 18 years old.

Participant must be able to read and write in English or Hindi.

Event Benefits

The participant will learn simple, yet powerful techniques to heal various ailments and diseases. Attending the class will furnish the participants' life with new spiritual insight, bringing about a spiritual transformation, which will provide them with the ability to tackle obstacles in life more easily and creatively.

Pre-requisites to attending

A yearning to learn and grow within :)

Terms and Conditions

Pranic Healing

- Is not intended to replace allopathic medicine, but rather to complement it.

- practitioners are not medical doctors, but medical doctors can be Pranic Healers.

- practitioners do not diagnose diseases, make any health claims, or guarantee any outcomes.

- practitioners do not prescribe any medications and/or medical treatments nor interfere with prescribed medications and/or medical treatments.

- practitioners do not physically touch the client’s body. They cleanse and balance the energy to enable the body to naturally heal itself.


Agenda includes two laws of Pranic Healing and use of seven techniques.In depth knowledge of aura and chakra with presentation, discussion and practicals on how to scan, cleanse and energise chakra and aura.

Spiritual secrets, Breathing techniques and powerful meditation are included to increase healing power and make it fast and effective.

Class includes powerful meditation technique to bring down divine energies and increase healing power. Meditation has wide range of benefits on health, relationship, finance and home.

About the Organiser

Mohammedi Lokhandwala has been associated with the School of Pranic Healing since the year 2011 and has been certified as a trainer in the year 2015. As a professional healer, he has

Material to be brought by attendees


Presence with full awareness will help a lot in taking full benefit of class.