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Learn to read Tarot cards intutively - course accredited by IPHM, UK, From: 2021-02-25 To: 2021-04-15 Frequency: 4 days a week , 6pm to 7pm,

English, Hindi

Tarot Cards


Learn live professional Tarot reading!!

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We are authorised training provider for Tarot course by International Practicitioner of Holistics medicines, UK.


Topics coverd.

1.Major arcana upright & reverse detailed meaning

2.Minor arcana upright & reverse detailed meaning

3.Elements of cards

4.Meaning of cards in different situations( business, relationship, love, finances, career etc ) 

5.Symbology of Tarot 

6.Tarot spells ( Remedies)

7. How to do Comparison with Tarot.

8. Yes/No readings.

9. Tarot & Directions (finding lost objects) 

10.Tarot & numbers 

11. Recordings of session will be provided

12. Time prediction with tarot  

13.Cleansing & Charging of Cards 

14.Manifestation with cards.

15. How to meditate with cards

16. Easy explanation of Court cards 

17. How to build connection with cards. 

19. How to guide people with help of tarot. 

20. How to build rapport with client during reading.

21.Practice session to Learn reading




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Who should attend

People who wished to tap into the intution and do predictions. 

People looking to learn and explore tarot cards professionally and in-depth shall join. 


Event Benefits

You will be able to read cards professionally and intutively. You don't have to memorize the cards. 

You will able to guide people, counsel them with help of Tarot. 

You can read & predict in terms of relationship, career, money, job etc.

You will be learning spells and other tips and tricks about tarot.

Pre-requisites to attending

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

Deepika Taneja is a well-known Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Grandmaster, Numerologist, Lama Fera Master and Angel Therapist; based out of Pune. A very talented person who has dedicated her life for the

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