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Organic Aroma Bath Salts and Foot Soaks

Benefits :

Relaxation, Rejuvination and Stress Release

Short Description :

Relaxation, Rejuvination and Stress Release

Specifications :

Have a relaxing bath or an ultimate relaxing foot soak with these Organic Aroma Bath Salts.

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : Antara Iyer

Category : Beauty, Bath, NA

MRP : INR 300

Stock Available :







Bath Salts are made from Pure Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Pure Essential Oils and Skin safe colours. Available in 7 Colours and Fragrances. 250 gms Jars available. These Can be customised as per requirement as well.

1. Moments in Mint
2. Sweet Rain
3. Return To The Forest
4. Rosy Retreat
5. Lost in Lavender
6. Floral Paradise
7. Pick Me Up

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