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MrilQ Roots and Stems

Benefits :

- Nourishes the scalp

- Strenghtens the hair roots

- Promotes new hair growth

Specifications :

A synergistic blend of 21 organic and wild-sourced ayurvedic plant-based ingredients that act as a superfood fertilizer for your hairs' roots and stems.

Location : Mumbai

Retailer : SATJEEVAN

Category : Beauty, Hair

MRP : INR 1658

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- Apply once a month for hair maintance or twice a month for preventing hairfall and dandruff.

- Take one teaspoon of Roots & Stems for short hair or two teaspoons for long hair.

- Mix thoroughly with MrilQ Healthy Hair Oil and apply the pack to the hair roots and leave on for about 60-90 minutes.

- Rinse off with plain warm water only.

- You may use mild natural shampoo after 24 hours.

- Avoid applying or spraying harsh chemicals, dyes, or shampoos on your hair.


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