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Shakti of yantras - WhatsApp Workshop on 18th & 19th June, 2019, From: 2019-06-18 To: 2019-06-19 Frequency: Tue- Wed, 6am to 8pm, Mumbai




Cost : INR 460/-

             SHAKTI OF YANTRAS
          Facilitated by Shivangi Bhatt 

                 Venue : Whatsapp

Workshop Date : 18th & 19th June,2019 (Tuesday & Wednesday)

      Explore the Ancient Spiritual Practice of Yantras


What is Yantra?

Mystery of Yantras

Purpose of Yantras

Yantra for Health & Wealth

ShriYantra and its Benefits

ShriYantra & ShriTantra


Fees : INR 460


To Register : Call/WhatsApp at +91 -  7703849810




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Who should attend

Yantra is a science, an ancient art of India

If you have the quest of knowledge and want to know what Yantras are...

If you want to learn the Types of Yantra

If you want to know the Purpose of Yantra

If you want to know more about ShriYantra and its benefits

Then join this workshop

Event Benefits

Learn the Ancient Indian Art of Yantras

Understanding ShtiTantra

Benefits of using ShriYantra

Yantras for health & wealth

Pre-requisites to attending

An open mind,determination, quest of knowledge regarding different aspcts and tools of spirituality

Terms and Conditions


To Spread the pure knowledge of Tantra and the Science behind Tantra as in ancient  scriptures of India.

About the Organiser

Director/Founder of ShriTantra School of MahaShakti Vigyan

We are a treasury of ancient scriptures and aim at  spreading Satvik knowledge in form of workshops and courses.

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