Nidhu Satish Kapoor


Energy Yoga - A breath work, mudras and Saturn's Decrees Special, From: 2019-02-16 To: 2019-03-21 Frequency: Once in two weeks, 11.11am IST to 12 noon, Mumbai


Mudras,Jin Shin Jyutsu,Saturns Decress


Cost : INR 555

This is a time for just YOU. Our breath is Energy System NUMBER ONE and to re-connect with it brings happiness and peace. 

(That's it. That is the event description!!)



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Who should attend

Anybody above the age of 28 interested in spiritual practices and healing

Event Benefits

Enhanced and purer energy levels - you have more energy for physical activity and lesser nervous energy 

Better clarity, concentration and focus

Ability to organise and get things done more efficiently - yup! procrastination leaves!

Changes in dietary and sleeping patterns for the better

Become more likeable as your ability to be present and available for yourself and others increases

Objective analysis and rational decisions become easier

Impulsive behaviors get curbed as grounding strengthens 

Connection with life, God and the Universe deepens

Third eye for intuition and clairvoyance opens



Pre-requisites to attending

You should have already done some healing work for yourself 

Terms and Conditions


To support you through this time of emotional heaviness as 2019 is the year of the child - Inner and outer (if you have any or are planning to have any) - and this means lots of unresolved memories with emotional charges will come up. We are being pushed to heal and grow (indeed, one cannot happen without the other) and we will need the village to raise ourselves. This place and group is that village :)

About the Organiser

If it is simple and empowering, gentle but powerful, I will have it in my tool kit because my promise is - shifts within in 10 seconds and results showing in the world within 24

Material to be brought by attendees

Drinking water, safe place to lie down and phones/gadgets are to be kept away