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Sound Therapy Certificate Master Class By Rivesh Vade, From: 2019-03-22 To: 2019-03-24 Frequency: 3 Days Residential, 9am to 6pm, Lonavale

Hindi, English

Sound Therapy,Ayurvedic Medicine,Chakra Healing,Meditation


Cost : INR 21000

What will you learn

You will learn Ayurvedic use of Sound Therapy.
1. Sound Healing methods to treat different ailments.
2. Working on different Ayurvedic functional energies using sound.
3. Role of sound in Ayurveda.
4. Live demo of detoxification using sound.
5. Learn to use sound for mental, physical and spiritual health.
6. You will learn to study yourself as well as client with your voice.
7. This course will make your intuition, or voice strong. You will learn to heal with your voice.
8. You will learn to heal with singing bowls, gongs in your everyday life. This will restore overall balance and enhance relaxation.
9. You will learn to heal on illness like Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Insecurity, Arthritis, Backache, Joint pains, Digestive concerns, Sinus, Migraine.



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Lonvala, near Mumbai

Who should attend

Everyone can attend it. No age barrier.

Therapist, Professionals, Homemaker, Businessmen, People suffering for illness like Pains, Diabetes, Blood pressure or having any health issue.


Event Benefits


1. You will experience the release of Stuck Emotions and Pain with Sound
2. You can do Chakra Treatments with Sound – You will learn the frequencies of the chakras, and how to do a clearing on yourself and others
3. You can cure ADHD, memory, mental acuity, creativity, sleep and higher states of consciousness
4. You can assess frequency of higher vibrations such as love, joy, gratitude, and spirit
5. You can consistently bring positive energy into your work and life.

Pre-requisites to attending

No prerequisites. All are welcome.

No Music Background Required.

Terms and Conditions

BreakFast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner will be served

Pre-Registration is mandatory for participation.

All queries will be answered on 8080808455


About the Organiser

At Wellness Vibe, we believe that the powers of music and sound when used, therapeutically, help us come out of many illnesses and conflicts. Rivesh Vade, a Sound and Frequency Master, propounds th

Material to be brought by attendees

As this is Residential Workshop, Registered Member details will be shared soon.

Event Website: https://www.wellnessvibe.com/sound-therapy-workshops-events-mumbai/