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You Can Heal Your Life 2 Day Workshop , From: 2019-03-30 To: 2019-03-31 Frequency: Every 2 Months , 9:50am to 6:30pm, Delhi


Heal Your Life


Cost : INR 8400

*About the Workshop*
This workshop is based on Louise L Hay's philosophy of creating our reality and making positive changes through affirming positive thoughts and words.

The workshop will have activities and processes that will help in clearing the blocks related to work, prosperity, relationships, success, body, health, parenting etc and help creating positive changes and Healing in all areas of your life.

We will be using tools like Mirror Work, Affirmations, Forgiveness Work, Family Constellation, Meditation and more during the Workshop.



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Pragya Apartments Dwarka sector 2

Who should attend

Do you wish to change your life? 
Improve your Health, Finances,  Work Satisfaction, Relationships? 
Do you wish for Spiritual Well Being?
Change is yours for the taking. Are you willing to commit to the Change?
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Event Benefits

This Powerful workshop will help you:
• Learn to love and honour yourself and others fully and deeply
• Release negative emotions like Anger, Guilt, Fear, Resentment which block your joy and creativity
• Work with the body, mind and spirit to transform your life
• Understand and release your barriers to love, abundance, prosperity & happy relationships
• Connect deeply with your inner child
• Forgiveness for yourself and others easily
• Realize your inner wisdom and power
• Get more of what you want from life
• Gain new tools and ideas to assist you on your individual journey to Self Discovery

Pre-requisites to attending

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

I am Tarot Reader, a Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Trainer.  Even as a Child, I was fond of reading about Zodiac Signs and Mysticism. I was very intuitive even as a child and would sh

Material to be brought by attendees

A Pocket Mirror 

Event Website: www.yoursoulsvision.com