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3 Days Professional Sound healing certification training, From: 2019-04-19 To: 2019-04-21 Frequency: Thrice a year in Mumbai, 10 am to 6 pm,

English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada

Sound Therapy,Alternative Medicine


Training cum workshop event. Intense program, hence try to keep the evenings light during the days of the program.



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301, Meena Society, Near Malad Railway Station, Malad (W), Mumbai-400064

Who should attend

Open to all from the age of 12 years.

Doctors, teachers, speakers, coaches, business owners, corporate employess, lawyers, housewives, special educators, nurses, caretakers anybody can learn the science of the sound therapy and start practising professionally once certified.

No prior knowledge of music needed.


Event Benefits

Learn and experience the "Power of Sound", the future of medicine in the most intense, mesmerising and scientific form by Dr. Sujata Singhi who holds a Doctorate in Sound and music therapies from the GOI and recognised by the United Nations. 

Author of the international best seller book, "Power of Sound", Dr. Sujata Singhi has researched and spoken on this therapy across various countries. She has created very simple, easy to follow proven protocols to heal the mind-body-soul which has helped lakhs of people across the world.

Learn the science of Sound and its power to heal the body. Chakra cleansing and balancing, traumas, aura rejuvenation, healing diseases, self healing studies and over 15 specific well researched process along with experience of 3 major meditations.

The principles learnt will enable the participants to become world class sound healers.

Pre-requisites to attending

Open to all.

No pre-requisites.

Terms and Conditions

Bookings are open. Kindly contact and book your seats before 31st March and avail the 10% discount on the course fees.


10 am-6 pm

Includes mid-morning tea/coffee, lunch, high tea

Morning 10-11 Group meditation

11.15-1.30- Theory, science and demonstrations

2-5-Practicals with hands on trainings

5.15-6 pm-End of day sharings and assignments shared 

About the Organiser

Dr. Sujatta R Singhii, is the author of the book, "Power of Sound". She is  a master Sound therapist and an international trainer of the same. She has been confer

Material to be brought by attendees

Carry along a pair of loose comfortable cotton clothes.

Everything else is provided at the center.

Event Website: www.sujatasinghi.com


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