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Ashwin Kumar


De-Stress from Distress, From: 2019-05-01 To: 2019-05-01 Frequency: Every wednesday, 7pm to 8.30pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi, Gujarati

Spiritual Counselling,Meditation,Spiritual Healing,Traditional Vedanta Teachings


Cost : INR 1000

Stress does not come from bosses, spouses, traffic jams, health challenges, kids, peer pressure or other sources communications, it comes from our thoughts about these circumstances.

The fear of losing to others will remain but if there is victory inside this nagging problem is resolved.

Through our work experiences, we go through varied ups and downs. Little do we know that these experiences knowingly unknowingly create a lot of imprints which may not be conducive and may eventually lead to “stress” and any form of illness. 

There are various simple tools available to be free from the effects of these experiences. 



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Vithaldas nagar road, North Avenue, Lane behind Arya Samaj , Off linking road, Santacruz West, Mumbai

Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at working professionals, offering mid-week de-stressing sessions.

People who think they are -

Depressed, Frustrated, are feeling stressed, confused, 

Event Benefits

- A deeper understanding of the reasons that causes stress and how to address them on a day to day basis

- You will leave rejuvenated at mental, physical, emotional and energy level

- Easy to use tools that can be practiced every day to maintain a stress-free life



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About the Organiser

Jagriti Kajaria began her spiritual education, at a very early age, with the study of various scriptures and ancient texts. Althpugh born in a small village , she went on to widen her horizons

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