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THE SOUL NURTURING LOVE YOURSELF - HEAL YOUR LIFE WEEKEND WORKSHOP, From: 2019-05-18 To: 2019-05-19, 09.30 am to 05.30 pm, Pune (Poona)


Heal Your Life


Beautiful Two day Workshop offers an amazing hands-on experience with skilfully designed Tools and Techniques, in a beautifully created space, to lead you through:

·       How Self-love & Self-acceptance can create miracles for you

·       Using Mirror work for self-love and to communicate with yourself in various processes

·       Inner Child Work

·       Identifying and Releasing Emotions that cause dis-ease; the connection between Mind-Body to learn how our Mind communicates with our Body for our Healthy Being.

·       Forgiveness to set yourself free and eventually others free to move ahead from where you are stuck in life

·       Meditations, Affirmations & Visualizations to Heal & and Help you grow.

·       Learn the basics of mastering the Law of Attraction for your highest good

·       Healing parental & family relationships

·       Overcoming Limiting Negative Thinking Patterns and Reprogram them into Positive Thinking Patterns to Create A Life You Desire

·       Techniques for personal healing and transformation

·       Manifest and create abundance in all areas of your life and create a life of your dreams



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Hotel Deccan Rendezvous, Off Apte Road, Shivajinagar

Who should attend

Doctors, Professionals, Engineers, Students, Home makers and each one willing to change and transform in life.

Event Benefits

Just be Willing to Forgive, and Miracles start happening in your Life because of the Change You bring about in your Thinking Patterns and learn simple ways to use Self-love & Forgiveness as a foundation for Creating Positive Changes in Your Relationships, Physical & Emotional Wellness, Wealth, Career, Social life, Personal Development, and other areas where you feel you’re unable to move ahead.

Pre-requisites to attending

Walk in with an open mind and surrender to the Dive Power. Rest will just follow.

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About the Organiser

I am a Business Owner and was exploring avenues in teaching, particularly where I could help people along their journey spiritually and to stay happy. I' am a Dale Carnegie Training - Certified

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