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Ho'oponopono Workshop , From: 2019-05-15 To: 2019-06-12 Frequency: Everday, At your convenience to At your convenience ,




Cost : INR 1300

*Hello Everyone*

After so many success stories, announcing the next batch of my most awaited Workshop on *HO'OPONOPONO* which is based on the Principle of 'Law of Attraction'. 

If you feel you are mostly stuck in these emotions such as Anger, Stress, Fear..

If you feel the men and women in life are not just how you expected.. And you have relationship issues.

If you feel your childhood memories are still bothering you or you are carrying a trait which could have deeper routes in your childhood..

If you feel that finances in your life are just not the way you expected. 

If you are unable to find the reason of your health related issues..

There's a one stop shop for healing all the above issues of your life.... 'Ho'oponopono'  

The most powerful yet very simple tool to heal all your issues from all times dimensions and spaces.. 

You must be wondering how this workshop will help you overcome these issues. For that you need to come and join us on WhatsApp and Learn all about it. Practice it with us for 27 days in a group.

I would encourage you to share this workshop with your family and friends too. 

Facilitator: Sheetal Soni

Venue: Whatssap

 *Come transform your life to a next level.* 



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Who should attend

Any one who wants to heal self. 

Event Benefits

Complete freedom from all that no longer serves the purpose.. Healing Anger, fear, stress, relationships  finances etc. 

Pre-requisites to attending

Be willing to heal self. 

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

I am an MBA and post graduate who has worked in both airlines and airports.  I started my career as a flight attendant at the age of 17. I have always been customer facing and have witnessed s

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