Personal Energy Management , From: 2019-06-01 To: 2019-06-01, 2 pm to 7 pm, Mumbai


Personal Energy Management


Cost : INR 3500

Personal Energy Management (PEM) is the must-know art and science of understanding your energy patterns, and about knowing the techniques to increase, protect, control and manage it. Mastering this skill helps tremendously in facing the enormous pressure one faces everyday in terms of career, peer pressure and relationships. 




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The Integral Space, Opp Palladium, Lower Parel.

Who should attend

The workshop is for 14+ age group. Ideal for students, professionals, home-makers, entrepreneurs and senior citizens.

It is for you if these questions resonate with you:

1. Are you fatigued, anxious, stressed and tired?

2. Are you struggling with your relationships?

3.. Are you getting angry for no reason>

4. Are you searching for a purpose in life

5. Do you feel overwhelmed by expectations?

6. Are you frustrated that nothing seems to work?

7. Do you feel disconnected with your faith and want to understand it scientifically and not philosophically?

8. Do you want to know the secret to earning more wealth?



Event Benefits

What you will learn at the workshop:

1. Understanding Spirituality in terms of physics, chemistry and maths

2. Understanding how to feel energy, how to analyse its movement in your body, how to generate it for yourself

3. Learning about human frequency and wavelengths.

4. Chakras and aura. 

5. How to analyse your chakra or/and others' chakras using a pendulum (provided with the kit)

6. How to transfer energy 

7. How to gauge the energy of your home and tools and techniques to improve it.

8. How to do telepathic transfer

9. How to align yourself with the earth

10. How to understand the quality of the water in your body.

Pre-requisites to attending

Pre-registration is compulsory. 

Event registration: www.townscript.com (Click https://bit.ly/2HnT2lr to register)

Parking may not be available. It's better to come by Uber/Ola.

Terms and Conditions


The workshop will start at 2, and there will be 2 breaks. It will end at 7 pm. The average count of participants is between 15-25.

About the Organiser

I am a Personal Energy Coach and former Senior Editor at The Times of India. Through my firm, Energenie Academy, I impart training in the art and science of Personal Energy Management, a course tha

Material to be brought by attendees

None. The cost of the workshop includes beverages and the workshop kit (comprising workbooks, note books and a pendulum)


Event Website: WWW.RSRIDHAR. COM