Sheetal Soni


Mind Body Soul-Reeingineering , From: 2019-06-08 To: 2019-06-08, 0930 to 1800, Delhi

English, Hindi

Multi-dimensional Work


Cost : INR 6000

"There is only one YOU that will never be recreated by anyone else ever again" 

Join me in taking charge and taking a step forward to clear and recreate on 8th of June'19. For more details please follow as mentioned in the promotion poster. 

'MIND BODY SOUL- Reengineering' allows access to recreation and clearing – allowing us to tap into mind, body and spirit. In addition, it activates clarity and connection to foster the transformation we so desire. 

For those of us that reside in emotional exile; know that you have the freedom to co-create a fresh start.You are the captain of your BODY. You have the power to change and turn your life around by learning how to manage your MIND. It starts by taking responsibility , deciding and committing to change. The SOUL will support you by providing emotions that hold a gift of healing and learning.



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Zorba the Buddha

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to recreate their energies. 

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Healing Past Present and Future 

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I am an MBA and post graduate who has worked in both airlines and airports.  I started my career as a flight attendant at the age of 17. I have always been customer facing and have witnessed s

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