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Sonal Datt Verma


The Inner Child Program, From: 2019-06-19 To: 2019-06-23, 9 am to 6 pm, Goa

English, Hindi

Cognitive Counselling,Meditation,NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming,Hypnotherapy


Cost : INR 30000

Have you wondered how some things in your life never change? No matter how hard you try, some people only cause you distress? You've tried the motivation techniques, the fitness mantras, the meditations and coaching. Yet something or someone seems to mysteriously come between you and your goals, the things your efforts should certainly bring you.  Could this be your own Inner Child? 

Unravelling your habits, attitudes, behaviors to uncover blocked potential.  

Revealing your true selves by discovering and releasing hidden emotional pain stored in the body and mind.

Knowledge sessions, Meditations, Role-plays, Sharing and a whole lot more.

CBT, Hypnosis, NLP, and an opportunity to work one-on-one with three therapists, each an expert in their field.

And taking a beautiful break in a lush beach property in Goa with activiies to unleash your creative selves.  Package covers 4 nights stay at 5 star hotel plus all meals.

8 seats taken, 6 more to go.  






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The O Hotel, Aguada Siolim Road, Candolim, Goa

Who should attend

Anybody looking at understanding and healing the wounded Inner Child. Anybody facing problems with stress,relatioship, chronic pain, depression, anger, trust issues, thought distortions and other related problems.

Event Benefits

1.Self knowledge, why certain behaviors are not changing.

2.Understanding the impact of what happened during our developmental stages from infancy to adolescence.

3. Feeling and releasing stored emotions from the body and mind.

Pre-requisites to attending

16 years of age

Terms and Conditions



Day One

Enrich the potency of the adult through energization,  and learning simple self defence techniques. 

1.Who is the inner child and how he/she got wounded; 

2.Understanding psycho-social development 

3. Meditation

4. Trainer’s personal share on infancy / toddlerhood 

5. Sharing


7.Sharing from the assignment


8.Group affirmation meditation

Outdoor Activity Beach / Poolside

Dance Therapy

Day 2.

Enrich the potency of the adult through energization,  and learning simple self defence techniques. 

1. Looking at developmental issues in preschool to school ages

2. Roleplay preparation 


3.Staging the Roleplays team wise

4. Group discussion

5.Trainer’s personal share  

6. Meditation


7. Sharing, Q and A

8. Assignment 

9. Reading or sharing from the assignment

10. Brain Hacks 

11.Pain relief meditation 


14. Group affirmation meditation and learning anchoring technology for healing the inner pre-schooler and school-aged child

5.15 – 6.15 Activities

Day 3

Enrich the potency of the adult through energization,  and learning simple self defence techniques. 

1 Trauma relief NLP techniques 

2. Looking at developmental issues in adolescence 

3.Group discussion 


4. Trainer’s personal share 

5. Meditation 

6.Sharing on Meditation 


8. Assignment (non-dominant hand)

9. Reading or sharing from the assignment

10.Inner Child Integration meditation 

11.Visual imagery hypnotherapy 


13. Personal 1:1 session with the experts

Hypnotherapist ,Past life Regression n Reiki expert

Psychotherapist ,specialist in inner child n  codependency recovery

Addictions n  Recovery Counseling

14. Group cleansing meditation. 


About the Organiser

Workshops on Inner Child Healing, Reiki, and motivation. Residential  solutions for emotional wellness to overcome problems with stress, addiction, obesity, depression.

Material to be brought by attendees

Baby pictures, different stages.

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