Rupesh Budh


Lama Fera Level -1 Training, From: 2019-06-30 To: 2019-06-30, 10:30 am to 6:00 pm, Ahmadabad


Lama Fera


Cost : INR 9000

In this Workshop You will Learn the Worlds most fastes and one of the simplest Energy Healing Techniques which also helps in faster spiritual Development

This workshop covers all the ascept of the life one can imagine. Like Past Life Issues, Financial Issues, Relations Ship Issues and any other you can name it,



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Divine Light Healing and training center, 107 Satyam Mall, Near Kameshwar School Jodhpur 380015

Who should attend

Any One who is willing to transform their life from Negative to poositive

Any One Who is willing to bring J curve transformation in their life

Any One Who is will to progress Faster Spiritually

can Attain this workshop

Event Benefits

Benefits of Lama Fera

Freedom from all kind of stress and depression , Anxity &  Fear

Helps to remove evil sprits and negative energy

Helps in clearing black magic problems.

Helps to develop concentration

Helps in developing intutive powers

Help in healing  chronic illness.

Helps in resolving pastlife issues.

Best treatment to enhance your will power

Helps in clearing the problems relating in property any kind of negativity or vastu poblems.

Direct healing and effect on the root cause of the diseases

Makes a person active alert and self confident.

Balances yin and yang in the body ultimately generating huge amount of positive energy.

Balances 3 gunas (Rajas, tamans and Sattava ) ultimaltely resulting in  healthy body.

Balances 5 Elements of the body

Pre-requisites to attending

Any One Who is Will to Progress Faster in all aspects of life can join this workshop

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

My Life is all about blessings of My Guru. My spiritual journey started since 2010 and then with blessings of my Guruji I am steadily ascended in my spirituality. My Journey begin with Reiki, and e

Material to be brought by attendees

Materials will be provided