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Pythagorean Numerology, Numbers Reveal You, From: 2019-06-28 To: 2019-06-28, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Delhi

English, Hindi



Cost : INR 5500

Attend One Day “ Numbers Reveal You“ A Pythagorean Numerology Workshop. In this we all learn to decode the Secrets of Personalities by weaving the Number Magic.

Workshop Covers :

? How Numbers influence Our Life?

? Why & How Numbers can help us eliminate Negativity & Failure in Life and How to Attract Success.

? Step by Step Weaving Magic of Numbers revealing what you are, how you feel and what restricts you and how you can evolve.



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Who should attend

Bringing you all 

Numbers Reveal You

A Workshop on Pythagorean’s Numerology which will give you an insight and knowledge on

1- Your own personality traits. Helping you know your Life Purpose,Karmic lessons.

2- Learn to recognise your potential & use it to optimum. Also showing you ways to deal with your strengths and challenges.

3- Enable you in choosing the appropriate career.

4- To be able to choose the right partner.

5- Will show you the path towards success and happiness in both your professional & personal life.

6- After this workshop you will be able to check & harmonise your name spelling, signature and the mobile number which is lucky for yourself, family & friends.

Event Benefits

Topics Covered 
* History of Numerology 
* In depth knowledge of Numbers
* How Numbers influence our lives
* Calculations and meanings of:
* Life path
* Expression number
* Soul Urge
* Growth numbers 
* Secret self number
* Maturity number
* Karmic debt Numbers
* Master Numbers
* Challenges and Strengths
* Number Energy groups 
* Harmonising aspects of Numbers
* Lucky Numbers and much more... By 
Limited Seats Available, Book Now 
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Pre-requisites to attending

Simple workshop which welcomes people from all walks of life.

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Sumita Y Gooyal

I have been a designer who created a palette of aesthetics to bring happiness in people’s lives yet my heart yearned for a deeper sense of happiness. A deep realisatio

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