Light Language Healing, From: 2019-07-28 To: 2019-07-28, 9 am to 6 pm, Mumbai

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Light Language,Chakra Healing


Cost : INR 4444

Exclusive Workshop contents-
SOUL CONTRACTS - How contracts are formed. Is it possible to alter them or end them
PATTERNS - Recognizing and identifying heripatts and personal life patterns
CLEANSING - An ancient and effective meditation to remove hurts, past impressions, etc
SUFFERINGS/ LIFE CHALLENGES - The 3 most reasons why we suffer
PAST BREAKER - Heal the past to create a new future
FUTURE HEALER - Clearing pathways for future
MASTER KEYS - The master keys and deep connections with us
POWER TO CHANGE - Light language healing for resistance to change 
CHAKRAS - Meditation and healing 7 chakras with light language
HEALTH - Healing health issues with language of light
RELATIONSHIPS - Healing relationships with light language
WEALTH - Insights into the money world, healing the same with light language

So, come start your journeys with Prarambh- a new beginning…



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Why are the knowings important, can’t we just heal ourselves?
Till the time, we don’t know what to heal, we cannot heal. This is one of the most primary things so many people falter and they feel they know everything about the problem. There are scores of people who keep on trying out things and running from A healing modality to B in search of solutions, its like shooting in the dark. But till the time you don’t know what are the core causes due to which the life situation has arisen, healing is not possible. This is one of the reasons that so many of our life issues are still unresolved. This program gives a complete knowhow as to how soul contracts are formed, why we continue to suffer without any respite, why some patterns keep on repeating, what is the message from life situations and so much more.

Why are we not able to change, despite trying so desperately and honestly?
In the quest of changing external circumstances, we change masters, we change healing modalities, we change methodologies, we try to change our thinking. But the prime block in our journey to change is an unconscious fear called- The Fear to Change. 
The most destructive and self sabotaging fear is the fear to change, its in the mooladhara and its ancestral. There is a fear of change because of the survival instincts. No chakra dhyana/ meditation can break this. No new pattern can be set unless we break this old pattern. This is the core basic for any transformation to take place in our internal / external lives. We would heal this in the program with the Light language healing. 

What is light language healing?
Light language is a very high frequency stream of sounds that carry specific light codes that can help to clear, resolve and heal our to help create positive shifts in our consciousness. 
At present there are extremely few people who channel light language and Kavita Israni is one of them. Its not a learnt healing modality, it happens and the results are wonderful. Light language bypasses the mind and reaches the soul.
The highlight of this program is the 5 light language healings- for health, wealth, relations, chakra balancing and fear of change.

What is the cleansing process?
The cleansing process is an ancient method of removing stored emotions and suppressed stuff from our being. This process has been used consciously by many enlightened masters to flush out their traits prevalent in those times. This deep process takes you in the present past right from your birth to the current day and lasts anything between 30 to 45 minutes and is another exclusive of this workshop. Everyone attending the workshop have experienced extreme calmness and reported lots of emotional releases in this process. 

Event Benefits

Only after knowing and studying civil engineering can you design a project
Only after knowing and learning how to repair a cycle can one repair it
Only after knowing and detecting the malfunctioning body organ can we cure it, isn’t it.
So, till we don’t know about life and how it functions, how can we repair / heal the same.
Do you know the father energy is responsible for a new start in life, meaning if your relationship with your father is not good, you will not be able to start anything new successfully. As also our mother energy is responsible in clearing obstacles on our path. 
Troubleshooting is never a blind game, even today more than 90% people die without knowing the root cause of their life issues. Any journey begins with knowing and so does our life journey.
So much time, money, energy goes into just doing blind healing and trying to heal our life. 
Lets understand the laws of life and its bizarre connections, there is so much to it and no one can claim today with complete conviction that he knows everything about life. And hence its said Life is a journey we have to live it. 

Come, join me for a beautiful eye opener workshop which not just answers so many questions in the mind and takes you to the root causes of your life situations, but also gives you insights on how to break the barriers and come out of these challenges and life issues.

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Satvakirani is an alternative healing company located at Mulund, Mumbai and catering to worldwide services for healings, readings, counselings, therapies, workshops and other such related services.

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