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Heal with Gratitude , From: 2019-07-17 To: 2019-08-09 Frequency: Everyday, At your convenience to Anytime ,


Energy Healing,Heal Your Life



Do you feel that I am always grateful to all that I have yet I am not feeling too good about my life

It is often felt that Gratitude is only saying thanks to people around you, saying thanks to God , saying thanks to whatever you have and your situations. In reality Gratitude has a bigger and a deeper role to play in our lives. Gratitude is an immensely powerful force that can be used to expand our happiness, create beautiful relationships, heal our mind body and spirit and even improve our health.

If you want more happiness , joy and energy, gratitude is clearly a crucial quality to cultivate. And this is the workshop which helps you heal self in the most simplistic and holistic way. 

Come join me in this journey where we will go beyond the usual Gratitude. Elemental Gratitude is a very powerful method in which we heal our 5 elements (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space), balance Masculine and Feminine which is the key to becoming 'Whole' to which the modern science suggests decreases physical pain, promotes overall well-being, increases alertness, improves relationships, alters the neurochemistry of the brain for the better and helps to bring about better and deeper sleep. 

Let’s create the magic in these 24 days. It is the simplest yet very powerful way of healing.

Begins on 17th July for 24 days

Facilitated by- Sheetal Soni

Venue: WhatsApp

Timings- Flexible, your convinience 

Gratitude Exchange- Rs.1300

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Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to heal self.. In the most simplistic way

Event Benefits

While you work in yourself through my guided meditation and messages, I also channel healing to you for all these days. Heal your emotions, your physical and astral body, spiritual enhancement, balance your Masculine and Feminine, relationships, health.. 

Pre-requisites to attending

Be open to heal self. 

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About the Organiser

I am an MBA and post graduate who has worked in both airlines and airports.  I started my career as a flight attendant at the age of 17. I have always been customer facing and have witnessed s

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