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STRESS TREATMENT , From: 2019-07-25 To: 2019-07-31 Frequency: Daily, 11 am to 8pm, Faridabad (New Township)

Hindi, English

Alternative Medicine,Geopathic Stress Consultancy,Astrology,Crystal


Cost : INR 1

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BPTP Elite Floor

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#stress #depression #anxiety

Event Benefits

Healing Physical pains without harmful effects of medication 

No dependency on drugs and steroids 

Healing emotional hurts and wounds

Healing life tragedies that can cause stress in your life.

Open doors of success and growth for you

Make your life easier with inner Peace and transformation.

Balance your planets (????)


Pre-requisites to attending

Anyone can opt consultation and alternative safe therapies treatment.

Terms and Conditions




About the Organiser

Spirituality is merely not a word Its God's Blessing to those who are capable to Heal, Deal & understand your problems with Full of sentiments. A kind hearted person who can feel the value

Material to be brought by attendees

No need.