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You Can Heal Your Life 2 Day Workshop , From: 2019-08-17 To: 2019-08-18, 9:30am to 6:30pm, Delhi


Heal Your Life


Cost : INR 10,000

Were you as a told as a child that you could have, be and do whatever you want *or* were you told you can't have it all? 

Were you given unconditional love and approval as a child or did you have to be or do things (like be a good child) to be deserving of love? 

*Did you as a child learn that life is easy and wonderful and filled with opportunities or did you learn verbally or by observing your parents that life was difficult?*

Our thoughts create our reality. And the thoughts we learn as children and think over and over again becomes our beliefs that either work for us or sabotage our happiness..


If you have been asking the Universe for change, this workshop is the answer. Only You Can Change Your Life.. No one else can do it for you 

Just Imagine if all you need is 2 DAYS to begin to change your thought and transform your life. Bringing you an opportunity to experience just that.


If you feel there are changes and shifts you wish to make in life, if there is a 'pattern' that has come to your awareness which you wish to release, if there is a past you wish to heal and if you now wish to move forward in your path to Spiritual Journey this is an opportunity you have been asking for and Universe is ready to Deliver.


You can change your life by changing the way you think. I will assist you to connect to your Inner Being and you will find all the answers you have been seeking, from within, through this workshop! *Consider these as 2 days of reprogramming your subconscious mind and release of self sabotaging patterns and beliefs stored inside..


This life changing international workshop is powerfully intense and would be limited to just 8 participants, so reserve your space asap.


When: 17th and 18th August 

Timing: 9:30am-6.30pm

Energy exchange: 10k (all inclusive)*

*including Workshop fee, Lunch, refreshments, course material, 1 yr of group support and monthly Zoom Support calls. 

*Register by 27th July and Pay Rs 8000 only*


*Register by 7th August and Pay Rs 9000*


*Group Discount for 2 or more : 16k for 2 individuals*


Register by making an online payment of just 2k and reserve your space. 

The remaining amount to be paid at the venue on the day of the workshop.


This workshop has transformed many many lives. The opportunity to bring about your transformation you have been waiting for, is here!!!


For queries and registration please connect at:

Email: tarotvisionn@gmail  

Call: 9818547645


You have asked and have been looking for answers and the truth is that those very answers are seeking you now. The universe is conspiring to help you now. All you have to do is take the first step!!! Remember only You Can Choose to Change Your Life!



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Pragya Apartments Dwarka sector 2

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People who are feeling stuck and looking for breakthroughs in any area of their life. 

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I am Tarot Reader, a Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop Leader. Even as a Child, I was fond of reading about Zodiac Signs and Mysticism. I was very intuitive even as a child and would share my intui

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Everything will be provided 

Event Website: www.yoursoulsvision.com