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Shweta Chadha


Ease with Pain and Healing, From: 2019-07-24 To: 2019-07-29 Frequency: Alternate Days, 8:00pm to 9:15pm, Nagpur


Access Conciousness


Cost : INR 3050

3 Online Calls on Zoom where participants can interact live and with Shweta Chadha, Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness®, and ask questions too.

Call recordings are included and will be sent out on to your email addresses. 

Certain clearing processes will be given out to help change and shift painful realities.




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202 Himalaya Crown, Nagpur

Who should attend

Anyone who'd like to create change with Pain, physical or emotional in their lives or the lives of those you are about and love.

Event Benefits

Identifying and beginning to change all areas of your life, where you are creating pain, physical or emotional, knowingly or unknowingly.

Use of processes and clearings to do it on a regular basis.

And not re-creating it further.

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About the Organiser

My name is Shweta Chadha and I'm happy you are here. It means you're looking at changing something in your life, and that's such a cool beginning. :)

"What's holding me

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