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Transformation through Shambhavi Workshops - Level 1 , From: 2019-10-11 To: 2019-10-12 Frequency: Two days for 1st level, Two Days a month for Level 2, 3 & 4, 10.30 am to 05.30 pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi, Gujarati

Spiritual Counselling,Spiritual Healing,Meditation


Cost : INR 11000

Shambhavi Level 1 is a part of a broader course comprising of 4 levels that taps into the 3rd eye chakra which is the seat of wisdom, creativity, awareness intellect and insight.

Level 1 & 2: This is all about preparing the participants to align their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies through various tools, techniques, interactions and a series of meditations.

Understanding and empowering their innate healing capacities, the participants are nurtured & guided by mentors through this nascent stage.

Level 3 & 4: Further empowering the participants to balance the emotional and mental levels. Thereby directly impacting their physical & spiritual health.

These processes help recognize the repeat patterns, ego-based existence which leads to their limited experiences and breaking the clutches of “Maya” (illusion).

Shambhavi is not just a spiritual workshop, it is the way to a new lifestyle. An effortless, peaceful, aware and joyous life. 

Over time you will experience 'Natural Growth' in your life. You will grow not only Spiritually but also, experience Abundance in the 'Emotional', 'Mental', 'Physical' aspects of life



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Santacruz - West, Mumbai

Who should attend

Anyone who is willing to commit to their own transformation and patiently work towards their self-growth in the spiritual and the practical world irrespective of age, caste, creed or gender can attend the workshops.

Event Benefits

Shambhavi takes you into deep meditation and quickly purifies higher self and higher bodies.

It helps instantly dissolve karmic factors.

It is a session of the deepest meditation. Only those who are blessed get a chance to attend it.

It is a gift which can be utilized to awaken from the divine inertia to self-realization.

The attendee shall experience the following benefits -

- Dissolution of karmic factors 

- Relief from the current issues of life

- A blissful state may occur immediately or over a period of time with practice

- Mid Brain Activation

- A marked increase in intuition

- Increase in clarity memory easy learning and retention

- Experience High Self-respect, ability to face challenges, clear sense of optimism, ability to fully express yourself, sense of personal power and general satisfaction with daily life

Pre-requisites to attending

A quest for the truth

Terms and Conditions

All 4 levels are compulsory and commitment has to be done at level 1 itself


Unveil the spiritual quotient

About the Organiser

Jagriti Kajaria began her spiritual education, at a very early age, with the study of various scriptures and ancient texts. Although born in a small village, she went on to widen her horizons

Material to be brought by attendees

Water bottles

Event Website: www.spiritualpursuits.org