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Professional & Intuitive Tarot Cards Reading workshop by Jagriti Kajaria, From: 2019-10-21 To: 2019-10-24 Frequency: Once, 09.30 am to 05.30 pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi, Gujarati

Tarot Cards,Counselling,Spiritual Counselling


Cost : INR 15000 (INR 12500/- for first 5 registration entries)

Professional & Intuitive Tarot reading is a four-day workshop to learn and understand different aspects of tarot reading with an added opportunity of diving deeper and amalgamating Spiritual understanding of the tarot cards. 


# History of Tarot Cards & How Effective is it. 
# Understanding  the card Meaning (upright & reverse cards meaning)
# Meaning of the *Cards Signs, Symbols, Picture, Colors, Elements* & the significance in Tarot reading
# Taking care of the Tarot Deck
# Different spreads & methods of Card reading
How to interpret the cards with different situations 
# Different types of Spreads
# Tarot *Reading & Remedies* 
# Using your intuition & creating your own Techniques 
# How to *HEAL with Tarot* 
# Get attuned to your cards & crystal for protection and learn how to read deck like Rider waite
# 4 free weekly practice sessions 


Tarot with 78 different cards reflects the entire human life journey, from birth to death. It is a pictorial depiction of our entire life & thoughts and the way we live it. Hence, the reading and interpretation of each card vary from person to person.

It is the best tool for personal growth and exploration & helps you see the patterns of past, understanding of the present and creating a better future for ourself.

Tarot cards help the reader to use this knowledge as perfect guidance for decision making, goal setting, and problem-solving, etc.with clarity of thoughts and deeper understanding.



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Santacruz, west

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to become a Tarot card reader to help one's own self and others. One who has a quest for an understanding of life situations, the way they affect us and why we face so many different varied experiences and situations in life.


Event Benefits

Become a professional tarot card reader with a niche and know the deeper meaning to the existence.

Pre-requisites to attending


Terms and Conditions

T&C non-disclosure of the course content.


To train minds and help each participant to become the creator of their own life and life path as well as be the helping hand for many others.

About the Organiser

Jagriti Kajaria began her spiritual education, at a very early age, with the study of various scriptures and ancient texts. Although born in a small village, she went on to widen her horizons&

Material to be brought by attendees

A deck of Tarot cards and cloth

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