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Lama Fera Level 1, From: 2019-09-14 To: 2019-09-14, 09am to 6pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Lama Fera,Chakra Balancing,Chakra Healing,Lama Fera


Cost : INR 15000

You will learn:
- Advanced and more intense healing procedure – you will FEEL and EXPERIENCE the effect even while doing healing on your photo,
- Advanced space clearing technique which will clear your space on physical and spiritual level both.

- With Vaastu Dosha clearing, you can remove negative energies from the home, office for financial abundance and harmony in relationship,

- The symbols are explained in depth with the help of Indian Tantra which is the base of Lama Fera symbols so that learners don’t have to wander to different masters – and they themselves can derive meaning of various methods of drawing symbols,

- Beautiful self-explanatory notes covering the basics of chakras, 5 elements, Tri-Doshas, energy bodies,

- What precautions to take after Vaastu Dosha Clearing / Black Magic removal so that the negativity doesn’t affect again,



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C-101, Thriive Centre, Ashoka Tower, Next to ITC Hotel, Parel, Mumbai

Who should attend

- Healers of all the modalities to enhance and multiply the healing capacity

- Any one who wishes to improve the quality of their life holistically

- Reiki, Pranic Healing, Access Consciousness practitioners

- Vaastu consultants

Event Benefits

Learn the fastest healing modality available on the planet.

Get attuned to the powerful energies of Lord Budhha


You will learn:

1. Pure Lama Fera as taught by Shri S K Sainiji and the same redeveloped with research and findings by us.


2. Most detailed understanding of Lama Fera symbols which is not taught by any masters.


3. Vaastu Dosha Clearing on soul level and physical level which is not taught by any master.


4. Relationship healing, manifestation with Lama Fera.


5. Clearing and charging of crystals or any other object in 10 seconds.


6. Practical demonstration of Lama Fera and it's instant effects.


7. Detect energy of any person, space or object in live or distant.


8. Detect and remove all kinds of blockages - negativity, Animal entities, Karmic Blockages or Black Magic.


9. Sidhhikaran process of symbols.


10. You will also be guided on way forward to ensure that your healing has an effect for very longer periods of time.

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Multi modality practitioner since 2014.

My USP is combining various healing modalities to get the result in fastest and easiest way. Any modality that I learn, I end up devel

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