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Conversations With Animals , From: 2019-10-05 To: 2019-10-06, 10 AM to 6 PM, Mumbai


Animal Communication


Cost : INR 9000

Conversations with Animals

A workshop that teaches you to use telepathy to communicate with animals and nature.

Verbal Communication can sometimes be an impediment... in times like these, telepathic communication can be far more effective...Merely the ability to communicate at an energetic level without the use of words and actions, it is the Universal Language of transmission 


Animals constantly relay with each other, using telepathy. As human beings, we communicate telepathically by tapping into our subconscience and are capable of doing the same with animals and nature.


The technique “Animal communication” involves transmissions with animals to understand their emotions and behaviour in order to give them a better life and garner a mutually fulfilling relationship.






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Tangerine Arts Studios Address - 9 Rukhsana Apartments 2nd Floor, Ambedkar Road Off Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052

Who should attend

Everyone who is an animal lover and would like to gain an insight into the lives of animals,be it their pets or animals in general.

Event Benefits

This 2 day workshop will enable you to:

Learn the basic principles of heart based telepathy with animals. 

Learn your specific style to receive and send non verbal communication.

Gain valuable insights into your animal companion’s world, helping you improve your life together.

one month of hand holding post the workshop.

Pre-requisites to attending

An open mind.

Terms and Conditions


About the Organiser

Countless Journeys | Priyanka Talreja.


I’ve deeply contemplated the meaning of life and always knew there is more than what meets the human eye. Intrigued by the mystic

Material to be brought by attendees

A photograph of your pet or a friend’s pet.