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The Celestial Dragons Workshop, From: 2021-05-15 To: 2021-05-30 Frequency: 5 sessions, 2 hours a day, Monday &Tuesday, 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, Mumbai

English, Hindi



Cost : INR 15,000

Beat your issues like they never existed.

Invoke the magic of your very own Guardian Dragons.

And learn all about them in the Celestial Dragons Workshop

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A power-packed workshop that helps you establish a deep bond with the realsm of Dragons, heal with your Guardian dragons and invite magic in your life

1 Practitioner level of the Celestial Dragon Workshop &

It is one of the most profound and powerful energies to work with. Dragons are said to be best protectors. Make a connection with them to unblock the pathways of your life. 

+  Make a connection with your Guardian Dragon
+  Perform Healing from Distance
+ Practice sessions included
+ Receive attunement for Celestial Dragons 
+ 5 zoom call sessions
+ Digital Notes + PDF given

Learn it from Siddhii Shaah
Who has delivered many quick & powerful Dragon Healings for health, Money, Anxiety & more. 

For more information pls call: 8928734540

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Siddhii Shaah is a highly intuitive healer who at the age of 16 started interpreting others’ dreams for them. Siddhii was introduced to the field of energy healing at a very young age. Today,

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