Deepika taneja


Angel Therapy & Healing, From: 2021-04-12 To: 2021-04-16, 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm,

Hindi, English

Angel Therapy,Angel Healing


Cost : INR 6000/-

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 (Live classes

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-Introduction to *Angels and understanding how they function*

- How to connect with your #GuardianAngels and #SpiritGuides

- Learn grounding& balancing. 

- Detail understanding of 15 *Archangels*. 

- *Angelic signs of communication & their meaning through four different channels*

- How to write *prayers* for your issues. 

-Understanding angel numbers

-How to set up angel alter. 

-Shielding & *protection* for self and others.

-Vaccumming Technique.

- *Healing relationship with the help of angels.*

-Angelic *#knotMagic.*

-Balancing chakras & aura with help of #angels for self and others.

- Meditation

- How does angels connect with us. 

- How to heal relationships and different issues of life.

- Different types of *#advance #Healing technique.*

- Crystal associated with angels. 

- Angel numbers

- Angelic Journal 

- Inner child healing 

Recorded meditation will be given to balance your chakras



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Who should attend

Anyone, who is looking forward to enhance their skills.

Event Benefits

In one course, you will be able to do., Angel healing, pendulum dowsing, knotmagic chiball healing. 

Also cord cutting, relationship healing and amby more things. 

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About the Organiser

Deepika Taneja is a well-known Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Grandmaster, Numerologist, Lama Fera Master and Angel Therapist; based out of Pune. A very talented person who has dedicated her life for the

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